Henrik Lundqvist will return to Rangers after playing career ends

It’s 2020, so it’s about time we had some good news to share. Henrik Lundqvist will return to the Rangers after his playing career is over, per Johan Rylander. Lundqvist was bought out of his final year of his NY Rangers contract this Fall, and signed with the Washington Capitals for the coming season.

Lundqvist has another job lined up with the Rangers when he retires from his playing days. This is not surprising, as the Rangers are pretty good with their alumni, especially with long-time fan favorites. Adam Graves has been a Rangers ambassador for years now, and Lundqvist is equally beloved.

There’s also a chance Lundqvist takes over the goalie coach role when Benoit Allaire eventually retires. Allaire is the goalie whisperer, so perhaps there will be a transition period as Allaire teaches Hank how to teach others. There would be something poetic about Lundqvist returning and winning a Stanley Cup in New York.

It’s good news, that Henrik Lundqvist will return to the Rangers once his playing career is over. It shows there is no bad blood between him and the organization following the buyout. It looks like he was kept informed throughout the process, and this was clearly a discussion point.

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  • Good to hear. Maybe there is a storybook ending after all:
    Caps win Cup in 2021.
    Henrik retires and returns to Rangers in front office capacity.
    Rangers win Cup in 2022.
    Rangers Cup chances in 2022 could be better than Caps in 2021 (IMHO).

      • Since the Caps won’t make the playoffs in 2021, divided loyalties won’t be an issue.

        It is truly amazing how normally optimistic fans are selling this Ranger team short. In Shesterkin and Panarin, the Rangers just may have the two best players in the NHL. And I’ll bet Zibanejad is the best NHLer who is not among the top two players on his team. The Ranger top six forwards last year were already second to Tampa Bay. If Lafreniere hits the ground running and Kakko starts to put it together, there will be an awesome top nine — and with guys like Lemieux and Rooney the fourth line will be okay. As for the defense, you can get by with four good dmen, which the Rangers have — and they can always add someone at the trade deadline.

        The Rangers are committed to not sacrificing the future to win this year, but make no mistake, they want to win this year — and they will be in the mix barring key injuries or horrible play from Lafreniere or Kakko. [I don’t expect this to be a problem, but these two kids will be cut a lot of slack and can therefore wreak havoc if they badly underperform.]


        Think about it: The Rangers were as good as anyone at the trade deadline – they have lost only Fast, Skjei, Staal, McKegg; they have added Lafreniere and others; they expect growth in a number of players; they expect zero decline in playing ability from older players (only Brendan Smith is 30 and not much past that).

        Plus better in May and June than in January.

    • Front of the sweater is always #1, but rooting for Henrik’s success can be #2 (as long as it’s not at the expense of #1). That’s how I’m looking at it, anyway!

  • He deserves it, his family deserves it, the team deserves it, and the fans deserve it. He is a part of the Rangers’ history, a talented, and classy, member of the Rangers pantheon of memorable players, and people.

  • That is wonderful news , i hv worn my Lundquist sweater since day 1. To hv him come back as an Ambassador for the Ranger franchise is well deserved & as the next goalie coach even better. There r alot of Ranger’s that r very happy today .

  • Why necessarily goalie coach? Patrick Roy is a general manager. Players need not stick to their specialties. Having an unconventional style, he may be ill suited to coach goalies. OTOH, having faced offensive onslaughts for many years and seen what presents the most problems, he may actually be a good offensive coach.

    Paths are not always so obvious. For example the NY Giants won the NFL championship in 1956 with offensive coach Vince Lombardi and defensive coach Tom Landry. Landry became one of the great offensive innovators of all time as Cowboy head coach and Lombardi was perhaps better known for his defenses. [Sadly for the Giants, Jim Lee Howell did not retire until both were already gone.]

    • I agree — a goalie coach needs to know how to work with a goalie’s strengths and improve the weaknesses, we don’t what Hank can do on either score. He seems more like management or PR material.

  • This is news? I’ve been saying Hank should retire and take Gilbert’s place for a while. Glad just the same for the guy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Its logical to believe that Hank will return to the Rangers and join the front office or coaching staff. I’m sure both sides are happy. Lundqvist got rich and the Rangers got one great goal tender. Where will they put him is the question. Perhaps as an advisor to Davidson or even assistant goal tending coach under Benoit Allaire. Would love to see Hank joining the organization and the Rangers winning the cup. That would be a fitting end to a great career.

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