NY Rangers Fan Confidence Poll: November 9, 2020

Key Dates: None – pending NHL announcement on 2020 season
Last Poll’s Results:  8.25 (122 votes)

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Given the current roster construction, farm system, management, coaching, etc., how confident are you in the Rangers' overall future?

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  • I gave an “8.”

    When I don’t see a Johnson-Trouba pairing to start the season, and Johnson not getting more than 15 minutes per game, and Howden not getting meaningful minutes, then I will make it a “9.”

  • I also gave an “8”.

    As of today!
    It’s the same team as last year, that we got bounced from the playoffs, with the exception of the trade off of Staal for Johnson,Bitetto.
    Losing Fast.(Rooney)

    I would go higher if some of the kids can make the varsity, (Miller,Barron etc).then I can go higher.

    However with that being said JD/JG are doing a good job in the off season. RFA signings,cap, not going for a quick fix, expansion draft.

    • Agree, next year is not the year for marked improvement, even though all the hype says otherwise, youth movement still a couple years away. One concern is if no AHL season, the prospects might take a big hit.

      • As of now AHL tentative start date is 2/5/21..NHL schedule early January.Every year a rookie surprises, and this being a different circumstance (Covid). I can see the Rangers carrying and playing rookies.

  • I still rate them at a nine, but inching its way up to ten.

    If, and when they bring up Miller, or another young stud on defense, and get a player with a nasty streak for the fourth line, I’ll be a happy camper!!!!!!!!!

  • I already got to 10. I may not understand individual moves, and I may not have the same sense of some players as they do, but I still support the plan, and I support its execution. If there was a huge trade or some such that improved them for this year but not the future, my grade wouldn’t have been as high, maybe not nearly so.

  • That’s a hard call. Much depends on the development of the existing roster from last year, and if we find lightning in a bottle with the upcoming kids (Miller, Barron, etc). Will Fox continue to impress? Can Trouba begin to really excel? Will Breadman and Zib continue to dominate? Shesty should be even better and a beast in goal. I like the hiring of our defensive coach, should help. How Good or better arel Chytil and Gait going to be? Overall, you have to believe that the young maturing players will be better improving the team. I give them an 8.

  • I would give the team a 7 or an 8 we haven’t seen much from their actual draft picks yet. Lias was a bust, I can’t keep track of how many different bloggers wrote about including Chytil in trades this offseason. Everyone else was a no brainer (Kakko and Laf) or obtained in trades or free agency. We saw what happened with Kravtsov last year and he wound up going back to Russia. We don’t know what Miller, Lundqvst, or Reunanen. What we are accustomed to is a lot of hype about draft picks before players do anything. What causes me to lose confidence in the team is when I read that no matter how Krav is playing overseas he will be a casualty this year of the cap. under no circumstance do I believe they will leave him in Russia because they can’t afford him, Larry Brooks recently wrote the same thing. Trust me they will bury Smith in the AHL if it means further developing Kravtsov.

  • I went ‘9’ because this team added a very good player and several other younger players should all improve and a few could take big steps. Our goalie situation is better. I feel the team got better so I am confident even though this is a development year, it’s an improved club.


  • Seems Like we could have added a bit of muscle to protect the kids.
    Perhaps a solid D man who would step up instead of JJ.

  • “Confidence polls” mean different things to different people. My interpretation is based on what I think of the overall direction of the team, and the performance trend of the significant people in place. For the upcoming season, for this particular team at this particular time, nothing beyond development of the kids and a look at the defensive philosophy really has any bearing on my assessment. Others seem to view “future” as specific to the upcoming season.

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