NY Rangers re-sign Ryan Strome to two year deal, avoid arbitration

The NY Rangers have re-signed center Ryan Strome to a two-year contract at $4.5 million, avoiding arbitration. Avoiding arbitration was relatively expected. Arbitration is always ugly, and it’s good that the Rangers avoided it this time around.

The two year deal is a little surprising, since I had thought the Rangers only wanted one year. But the cap hit is good enough that it doesn’t really matter. This also gives the Rangers another contract to dangle at the expansion draft.

Ryan Strome’s contract before arbitration isn’t a killer, which is what the Rangers wanted to avoid. All in all, a good deal for both sides.

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  • Prudent. Buys time for a youngster and depending on circumstances there are theoretically two trade deadlines (if hockey ever returns to normal) in which to dangle him.

  • This helps solidify the second line, and also gives us two veterans if we want to add a young winger on the line. I am sure Panarin is also happy about the signing.

    I believe this makes the Lemiuex signing a sure thing. Also look for Gorton to continue to shop D.Smith, even if it is just for a 4th round pick.

    • Nobody is taking on Smith and his 4.35 mil dollar contract!. Rangers would either have to retain salary or include a draft pick to entice teams

  • Good, this sounds about right — the 2nd year is particularly good for us, we have options now whether we keep him or trade him.

    • Strome has much more value at this upcoming trade deadline! If they wait until the following season he’s just a rental.
      Obviously, this all depends on how Strome performs, and if Chytil, Barron, etc can show that they can aptly fill the 2C/3C roles.

      • It seems unlikely the Rangers will be sellers at the trade deadline. With a full season from Shesterkin, the Rangers should be close to Cup favorites, especially if they get significant contributions from Kakko and Lafreniere.

        • If you think the Rangers are close to being Cup favorites next season, I have some oceanfront property for sale in Colorado if you’re interested
          They lack a first pair LD , a center who can win face offs , and toughness that is required for a deep Cup run.
          Now if you want to talk about 2022 and beyond, that could be a possibility.

  • Everyone knew that’s where the contract would end up. I know arbitration is a pain in the a**.
    This gives us some flexibility.
    However this should have been sooner.

    • Takes two to agree on a contract. You have no clue what “held” this deal up, so to suggest it should have been done sooner is kind of silly. It was done before the arbitration, just like the vast majority of these types of deals.

      • I know it was done before arbitration. We all know Strome wasn’t getting 5.7, and he wasn’t taking 3.6, that the arbitrator was probably going to award him something somewhere in the middle.
        I also know you always sell yourself high, but the facts stated otherwise.
        With that I feel something could have been sooner

        • This is normal. Deals get done before arbitration and usually right before arbitration — it’s a game of chicken for both the player and the team so you normally don’t get these deals done days or a week+ in advance unless one side is clearly at a disadvantage. Strome had some good numbers on his side, the Rangers had some good “extenuating” circumstances to argue. This number is less than a few of the deals we’ve seen for somewhat comparable players, it’s a fair deal and done in a timely fashion.

          • True! I know your banking on yourself.
            Most times things go down to the wire,but under the circumstances knowing the Rangers are looking to trade him,he would’ve signed earlier and maybe there would’ve been more of a market for him at the right $.
            It is a fair deal. If it works fine, especially if he plays with breadman again puts up same numbers.

            However I still think the Rangers are still working on something.

          • Well maybe he wants to stay, he’s been on the move before — 3 teams. Here he has a very good chance to play with Panarin, so it can only help him get a better contract next time.

            PS: Maybe the hold up wasn’t really money, maybe he was hoping for more term or for an NTC for the 1 or 2 years or just M-NTC for the 2 years … what we don’t know behind the scenes may be the most relevant factors. It isn’t always money, the $5.7M ask might have been to put pressure on the Rangers, both to sign him longer term, give him an NTC.

  • Perfect! A win win for team and player. Now sit back and watch Strome put up some big numbers his second year playing with Panarin! LGR!

  • HA! This is pretty much the exact deal I said I expected in another Strome post, 2 years 4.5m, now Strome just needs to play with a huge chip on his shoulder so we can get something great in return for him at the trade deadline.

    • Or perhaps he can raise the CUP on Garden ice in front of 17000 plus fans! I would have no problem with that.

  • One of JGs’ better deals. No trade or arbitration and he was able to get the 2C the Rangers needed at a fair price who also gets along well with Panarin.

  • This could be the insurance policy for Chytil, should he fail at the 2C position?????? We are not over paying for Strome’s services, so it works for everyone concerned!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A lot of positive comments since this does give us some flexibiilty…but is anyone at all concerned that having Strome around may affect whether Quinn gives Chytil a fair chance with Panarin? Or will Quinn be too quick to go back to the familiar, to reunite Strome with Panarin, if he believes that will get the team more points in the short term?

    • Get as many points as you can in the short term. There is no downside in keeping Chityl away from Panarin. It is critical of course to let Chityl grow as a player – but he can grow as well playing with Lemieux and Gauthier as he can playing with Panarin and Kakko.

      A good organization has veterans who get pushed aside by upstart kids when the kids are ready. A mediocre organization stands by its veterans and won’t let them get pushed aside by kids. And a truly bad organization clears the veterans out to make room for kids, ready or not.

      • This guy (Strome) is better suited as a RW. Has anyone checked his defensive metrics lately or the amount of penalties he takes or the clutchy/grabby play as he attempts to be a competent center iceman.

        I’m wondering how he’ll look now that Fast’s not around to cover up for him. This guy should be gone after next season as Chytil gains experience. Hopefully, the Kraken take him in the exp. draft. His point totals are fool’s gold.

    • clerks37

      Your expressing the very concern I have, but if we think about it, DQ could be gone if management doesn’t see progress made with the future of the organization, the KIDS!

      I suspect we were sold a bill of goods with the BS that DQ is a teacher, maybe not the case. There had better be some perceivable progress made, or the man may be doing the duffel bag drag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I wouldn’t worry too much Walt. I think the Rangers are high on Chytil and are trying to bring him along carefully now instead of rushing the kid.

        I think that by signing Strome to a reasonable, 2 year deal they have increased his market value. If by the trading deadline they think Chytil is ready to take on 2C responsibilities, they may very well deal Strome at that time and get a better deal than they would have if he didn’t have any term remaining. If Chytil is not ready at that time, then they still have Strome for their 2nd line.

        • Chityl is a very young bottom six forward with talent. He may develop into a top line forward. He may develop into a second line forward. He may never be more than a bottom six guy. He may be a good center or maybe he needs to switch to wing.

          We just don’t know what will happen and we cannot just will our desires into existence. A good organization develops such a player into the best player he can be — and doesn’t twist itself in knots trying to make him what he isn’t.

          Enough of the young players the Rangers have are going to fall on their face to guarantee that if they all play, the Rangers will be a bad team. They have Panarin, they have Shesterkin, they have Zibanejad, they have Lafreniere. They can win if they just avoid bad players. And there are both kids and veterans who suck.

    • I can’t believe that the chasm between Quinn and upper mgmt is that big as to allow this to happen. I gotta believe they are on the same page, and Quinn understands what needs to be done, vis a vie, Chytil. If not, Quinn will be fired! period! Having said that, I believe Chytil can and would grow, perhaps even faster, on the 3rd line to start the season.

      • Hope you’re right about the coaching situation, we’ll see. But I believe Chytil is now at the point where he needs to be with better wingers, and I don’t agree that he’ll grow faster starting on the 3rd line. I think someone above, not you, suggested he can grow as well playing with Lemieux and Goat as he could with Panarin and Kakko. I say no way to that.

      • JoeS

        Let’s face it, we have a load of real fine young talent, with the likes of Igor, Alexis, Kakko, ADA, Fox, Lindgren, Bread, etc. Bottom line, if there is no progress, he will be gone, just a gut feeling I have……………..This team can’t regress next season!!!!

    • Chytil will be fine, he’ll have a good LW (Guessing either Kreider or Lafreniere) and a decent RW (Gauthier or Kravtsov) to work with. Last year he had DiGiuseppe and a rookie (Kakko).

  • We have our 3C. That’s right, because he is our insurance policy for Chytil. Let Chytil play as a 2C with Panarin and Kakko. Let Strome be a 3C with Gautier/Lemeiux and LaFren. Or put LaFren up with Zibby and put Buch down on the 3rd line, giving us 3 good lines. Either way, we needed another experienced center and we got one.

    • A 2 year deal and assuming Ryan didn’t get a no movement clause, he will likely be sacrificed on the expansion draft altar.

      • I don’t think that he got any no trade restrictions, so yeah, I think that he got 2 years for a reason (expansion draft).

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