Ryan Strome arbitration numbers show big gap with Rangers

Do the Rangers next steps include finding a replacement for Ryan Strome?

The Ryan Strome arbitration numbers are in, and there is a wide gap between the Rangers and Strome. Strome is coming in at $5.7 million, with the Rangers countering at $3.6 million.

The wide gap isn’t surprising, this always happens in arbitration. The player comes in way too high, the team comes in way too low, and then an arbitrator settles in the middle. The middle ground here is $4.65 million on a one year deal.

Now this is where it gets interesting. The Rangers have openly balked at keeping Strome at above the walkaway point of $4.54 million. They could, in theory, walk away from him. However, they’d only likely do that if they feel they can sign him at a lower cost. Given how the UFA market has gone, they may actually be able to pull that off.

The Ryan Strome arbitration numbers are normal process, even if they seem comical from our eyes.