Three Rangers make preliminary Canada World Juniors roster

Canada has released its 2021 World Juniors roster, and three NY Rangers prospects have made the first cut.

Matthew Robertson (2019 2nd), Braden Schneider (2020 1st), and Dylan Garand (2020 4th) all made the first cut. Garand may have an inside track on a goalie spot. However both Robertson and Schneider are in a big fight for their spots with some heavy competition on defense.

This Canada team is pretty stacked on defense actually. Bowen Byram and Jamie Drysdale are probably shoo-ins, so it’s the rest of the field competing for four starting spots and a few reserve spots. That will be a tough climb.

Three Rangers making the first cut of Canada’s World Junior roster is very good to see. If all three make the team, then that’s a big win for the Rangers and their prospect system.

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  • I think this kid Robertson is very underrated around here. We all read about Fox, K’andre, and Lundkvist all the time (and rightfully so). But everything I read about Robertson is very good. He seems like a top prospect who is a little over-shadowed here. But I think this kid is just about to make himself well-known in the next 1-1.5 years.

    • Did you catch him in camp last year? I knew he wouldn’t make the team (no point considering the players we already had on LD) but he looked damn damn good.

    • Also if I remember correctly he was signed very shortly after being drafted, somewhat rare for a late 2nd rounder. I think that suggests what the Rangers think of him.

    • I don’t think that he’s under rated, I think it’s just that most people see him getting here about a year after Miller and Lundqvist.

      • As far as the way he thinks the game I think he’s ahead of Miller … and his physical attributes are strong, like Miller. Miller may have the edge in ceiling, but he’s rawer than Robertson IMO.

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