Vitali Kravtsov scores goal in return from injury

After a three week absence with no communication, Vitali Kravtsov has scored a goal in his return from injury. Kravtsov suffered a lower body injury in early October, and Traktor was silent on the injury. This led to some speculation as to the severity of the injury.

Kratsov’s goal was a nice one too.

That was a nice move for the initial shot and then drive to the net for the rebound.

It is assumed that Kravtsov will spend the season in the KHL, given the NHL season’s uncertainty. However the Rangers, I believe, reserve the right to recall him from loan for training camp. The Blueshirts are a bit crowded at RW at the moment, so there’s no need to rush a kid that had a rough first season in the US.

With Vitali Kravtsov’s return from injury, you’ll get more details on him on a game by game basis in our –mostly– daily Around The Farm series.

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  • First of all, great to see him come back from his injury. Secondly, it’s great to see him score that pretty goal, even though it was a rebound!!!!!!

    • Yes, it was a rebound … of his own shot. He followed through on his drive to the net, and was in perfect position to pick it up. Granted, the defense wasn’t great, but he didn’t just coast after he took the original shot.

      • joe from newburgh

        I saw the video and my wording may have come across as if I didn’t see him drive to the net after he shot. It was nice just the same, and I’m glad for the kid!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony

    October 23, 2020

    Do not expect Nils Lundkvist to sign an ELC with the Rangers this season.

    Anthony Scultore

    “In order for the Rangers to get Lundkvist here next season they will need help from Lulea. The only way to get him here before the SHL season is complete is for Lulea to release him from his contract.

    Another thing to consider is if it would make sense for the Rangers to burn a year on his ELC. The NHL season is expected to extend well beyond the SHL, but unless the Blueshirts are in dire need of his services, it would not make sense to lose that precious year.”

    “The rule is that a player with a valid European contract for the 2020-21 season cannot be signed to an NHL contract after Aug. 15. NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly confirmed to Pronman that this would remain true for this year. The signing window would reopen whenever the player’s respective international federation released him, be it at the conclusion of the player’s team’s season or, if he is invited to the IIHF World Championship, at the conclusion of that tournament”.

    Another article about Nils not signing this year, don’t know how to intrept this story!!!!!!!!

    • Burning a year on his ELC is a concern but if they wait too long (I think just one more season) Nils can just not sign and become a free agent. That would be a disaster for such a highly regarded prospect.

    • Old news…. I literally just told Tanto to stop using him in his armchair lineups.. It’s been known since the pre draft days, that he is going to stay the full season in Europe.

      • No, I won’t stop because there’s a chance it could happen: “The only way to get him here before the SHL season is complete is for Lulea to release him from his contract.” What about after his season “finishes”. You do realize that they’re scheduled to finish sometime in March, followed by the playoffs. We’ll probably be 50 games in, so there’s always a possibility that we bring in Lundkvist and/or Kravs — a possibility, it isn’t set in stone (of any kind). Stop pretending to know what’s in the minds of JG and/or JD.

        • “Stop pretending to know what’s in the minds of JG and/or JD.”

          Or you can quit acting like you know what’s best for Nils? You have to stop including him for your fantasy lineups… He’s already made up his mind, let him be dude..

  • Been saying that this kid is going to be a stud since the summer league tournament… I remember way to many people casted him off as a Lias Andersson type.

    The fact that he could speak English and want to come play right after draft made him attractive. I think the fans took that for granted along with the front office.. Remember Buch?

    His AHL stints have pushed him to play a complete North American hockey. Vintage play of cashing in on your own luck due to driving to the net.

    • Can you share what you are on with the rest of us? Most of us are mired in real world; you seem to have discovered a better place.

    • “Been saying that this kid is going to be a stud since the summer league tournament… I remember way to many people casted him off as a Lias Andersson type.”

      Since the summer league tournament? Your memory is piss poor if you think way TOO many people casted him off during or after the summer tournaments.

      • You and your various names were to name a few that hated on him.. Lol

        Ps: Don’t concentrate your like and dislike button so much on yourself…. Spread it around to make it more realistic.. You’re putting a target on your back.

        • Didn’t I already have this conversation before? Didn’t Dave say I only post on this one name? Seriously, a mind is a terrible thing to lose … but we’ll make an exception in your case.

  • I know this is not a post about defense–but:

    Dmitry Kulikov signed a one-year, $1.15 million contract with the New Jersey Devils…

    Jack Johnson agreed to terms on a one-year, $1.15 million contract with the New York Rangers…

    I would take Kulikov over Johnson any day. If they wanted an older guy for one year for leadership in the locker room–Chara was +26 last year and is almost +300 for his career. If a team picks him up–it is not crazy to think he’ll have a better season than JJ.

    I know. Johnson is a one-year stop-gap contract and Chara and Kulikov are not exactly prized d-men that will transform a team. Still–the Johnson signing is annoying.

  • If he’s loaned to a European team, does his salary still count against the Rangers’ cap? If not, then it makes sense to leave him with Traktor until their season finishes just to save a few bucks.

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