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Rangers re-sign Tony DeAngelo to two year contract

The NY Rangers have re-signed defenseman Tony DeAngelo to a two-year contract with a $4.8 million cap hit.

The contract avoids arbitration for DeAngelo, which was scheduled for next week. DeAngelo was also the subject of a few trade rumors, specifically to Vegas. Now it looks like DeAngelo will be moved to left defense, something we had spoken about in February.

The interesting thing is that it’s a two year contract for Tony DeAngelo. It takes him to his age-26 season, where he will be an RFA, but only one more year of team control. He’s not a part of their long term plans. At least not yet.

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    • I like when Dave is wrong on Tony D. Its clearly a bias that he has and its a shame that he cant look past it. Guy needs to grow up.

      • “At least not yet.”

        Reading comprehension is hard, I guess.

        In two years, the Rangers will have Trouba, Fox, Lindgren, and DeAngelo as NHL players. Plus prospects Miller, Lundkvist, Jones, and Robertson. These are the “big four” defense prospects. Plus you have the next tier of Rykov, Reunanen, and Skinner.

        The Rangers are going to be a revolving door of defensemen for the next few years. Guess thinking beyond 5 seconds ago is tough for you.

        I’ll enjoy not growing up as long as you enjoy being woefully ignorant to any sort of future planning and critical thinking.

      • Dave is such a clown to begin with. His articles are always negative. Once wrote an article saying how Mika isn’t a #1 center in the NHL AFTER Mika scored 5 goals.

      • I get on Dave about his Tony D bias, but what he said is absolutely true — he actually left the door “open”. With Lundkvist and eventually Schneider, they’re in decent shape in terms of depth — heck they even moved Keane out for a RW.

        They’re not moving Fox and the same can probably be said about Trouba (if they do move on from him, it will be in 3 years when his M-NTC kicks in). Also bear in mind that in 2 years Fox will be up for a new contract, so it’s going to be between him and Tony for the pot of gold. That probably leaves Tony as the odd d’man out. Hey I love him as a player, but the economics are going to force the team to make some hard decisions — especially if the young LDs develop quickly (even the forwards like Lafreniere, Kakko, etc.).

    • He’s not yet. This contract is team friendly, allows them to trade him if they feel the need. He has two years to prove he’s a foundational piece (which he may have to prove playing on the left side unless Fox completely craters). Flat cap or no, there is no long term commitment here, but instead buys them some time to figure out if they will commit long term.

  • I think this was the right move, term-wise … and the $ are ok. He should increase his trade value over the next year or two.

  • A contract that I’ll be waiting on Cap Friendly to dig deeper into.

    In this environment, if the Rangers could’ve maxed out year 1 bonuses and minimum paragraph 1 salary, it’s a very tradeable contract.

    I’m not saying he’s going anywhere; but coming in at that number & term, considering ADA’s past public comments towards certain Twitter accounts, suggest that future value of money of bonuses changed his party’s view towards a number they’d settle for.

  • This is a good contract for both parties. Rangers get term and cost control in a flat cap. ADA gets a raise…Rangers can make a true assessment of not only ADA but also the young guns they have in the pipeline.

    • Exactly. This was always the play. It allows them two more years to continue to assess, see if Tony is a long term piece. This also takes them out of play to acquire a top 4 LD as they will not be able to protect that player (or Tony) in the expansion draft.

  • I know this is a blog and all, but wow, show some professionalism if you’re a contributor. Is that your reaction every time someone hurts your feelings with a comment, to respond like a child?

  • The defense needed to be straightened out, and it has been. Now on to the forwards. Can they start the season with the current forward group? No, they need players that throw big hits, dig for the puck, and don’t let opponents Mess with team mates.

  • I really like this signing. For ADA he has 2 seasons to show the Rangers and the rest of the hockey world that he is the real deal. The Rangers have 2 seasons to not only evaluate DeAngelos’ play, but to determine how he fits into the long-term plan for the team. Happy times in Rangerland, I just wish the season was starting now.

  • First of all it is a good contract for both parties, in the way of salary, and term.

    The team gets to see if ADA was a one shot pony, or the real deal. At the end of his deal, we still have control, and can move him in case things don’t work out. The organization gets some additional leverage in negotiating with Strome, if they so choose.

    I believe that with the flat cap, Tony also took less than he may have wanted, because he’s stated on many occasions, that he wants to stay with us. Let’s be fair to the guy, he got shafted the last contract, but the team also came back and made good for his performance.

    Good outcome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A good deal for everyone involved. Tony gets a well-deserved raise and gets to stay where he has said he wants to play. The Rangers get more time to evaluate Tony and the other kids in the pipeline while paying Tony a reasonable salary. Good work by all.

  • I think they could give 200-300k less…. but overall good deal, he is still RFA then, and he deserved each penny of this contract. Love his game, Love his attitude…..

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