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Around the Farm: Uneventful day for the NY Rangers prospects

Four NY Rangers prospects were in action yesterday, and it was a rather uneventful day for all four. The only thing worth noting is Olof Lindbom had a rough start and was pulled early. Other than that, Hugo Ollas did not start, Lauri Pajuniemi is still out, and Yegor Rykov was held off the score sheet in his team’s loss.


  • Vitali Kravtsov (Traktor, No Game)
    • Season stats: 11 GP, 6 G, 2 A, 4 PIM, +5
  • Yegor Rykov (CSKA, L5-2): 0 G, 0 A, 0 PIM, -1
    • Season stats: 14 GP, 0 G, 3 A, 2 PIM, +7


  • Nils Lundkvist (Lulea, No Game)
    • Season stats: 6 GP, 2 G, 1 A, 2 PIM, +2
  • Adam Edstrom (Rogle, No Game)
    • Season stats: 2 GP, 0 G, 0 A, 25 PIM, Even
  • Karl Henriksson (Frolunda, No Game):
    • Season stats: 6 GP, 0 G, 3 A, 2 PIM, +3


  • Leevi Aaltonen (KalPa, No Game)
    • Season Stats: 2 GP, 0 G, 0 A, 2 PIM, -2
  • Lauri Pajuniemi (TPS, L 4-3): Injured – out 2-3 weeks as of October 5.
    • Season Stats: 2 GP, 0 G, 0 A, 0 PIM, -1


  • Olof Lindbom (Mora, W 4-3): 7 shots, 5 saves, 2 goals allowed, replaced after 17 minutes
    • Season Stats: 3-0-0; 2.70 GAA, .908 SV%
  • Jakob Ragnarsson (Timra, L 3-1): 0 G, 0 A, 0 PIM, -1
    • Season Stats: 4 GP, 0 G, 0 A, 6 PIM, Even
  • Oliver Tarnstrom (AIK [J20], No Game)
    • Season Stats (Allsvenskan): 3 GP, 0 G, 0 A, 0 PIM, -2
    • Season Stats (SuperElit J20): 4 GP, 3 G, 0 A, 0 PIM, Even

Extraliga (Czech)

  • Libor Hajek (HC Olomouc): Still not on the roster
    • Season stats: Still not on the roster

Extraliga (Slovakia)

  • Adam Huska (HKM Zvolen, No Game)
    • Season Stats: 1 GP, 2.00 GAA, .944 SV%

HC J20 (Sweden)

  • Hugo Ollas (Linkoping, L 3-2): DNP
    • Season Stats: 8 GP, 2.23 GAA, .905 SV%

Mestis (Finnish AHL)

  • Tarmo Reunanen (Tuto, No Game)
    • Season Stats: 1 GP, 1 G, 0 A, 0 PIM, Even

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  • Dave, I’d like to hear your opinion on the Taylor Hall contract. What a deal for the Sabres, and the kid is talking the talk. Beware of Buffalo this year. These two kids want to win!

      • JoeS.
        The city of Buffalo deserves it.. I have had nothing but good memories with them and my hockey career. I can see it now though..2023: Hall is long gone and Eichel on his way out sending Buff into another rebuild.

        It’s not good news for us, I don’t know how many times the Rangers will have to play them.. Hall, Eichel, Dahlin, Skinner, Reinhart, Montour and E.Staal are good top 6/PP unit. They have some good role players in Risto, Miller, Lazar and Frolik.

        The biggest headline will be to see if Buffalo will sell or keep Hall ( assuming they’re sitting good in a playoff spot). They better sell him off for some NHL help if they can’t get a extension before the deadline.

    • Don’t know if I consider Hall a kid, but the deal is fine by both team and player. Sabres needed something good to keep Eichel happen. Hall needed a show me deal to prove he still has it.

      • “Hall needed a show me deal to prove he still has it.”

        Did you see how much his is one deal is worth? Hall is waiting for another off-season to let the teams get their cards in order (Edmonton).

  • Mora played like crap in front of Lindbom, just needed to wake the team up.

    Ragnarsson was a -1 as 3rd pair today.

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