All four NY Rangers arbitration dates set

The NHL has set the arbitration dates for the four unsigned NY Rangers who filed last week.

It is highly unlikely all four make it to an actual arbitration hearing. Given how close these dates are, we might have this go to the wire, especially with DeAngelo. The fun part here is that we will get closure on all four contracts by the first week of November.

The only “guarantees” to return at this point are Georgiev and Lemieux. Both are cheap enough to fit under the cap. DeAngelo is likely to return as well, and even more likely if they move him to left defense.

Expect to hear a lot of rumors, especially as we get closer to these arbitration dates for the NY Rangers. This was supposed to be a wild offseason, but we haven’t seen anything wild yet. Maybe this will move things along.

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  • ADA will be the one that causes all sorts of issues: Gorton can go in and point out that most of his production was riding the Panarin gravy train and sheltered zone starts.

    Best option is to max signing bonus year 1 1 on a 3 year deal, then flip him.

    Hopefully they can just quickly do a Bridge deal with Pepe so they can have a better idea of how much room they’ll have left to handle the other 3.

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