NY Rangers Fan Confidence Poll: October 12, 2020

Schedule This Week: NHL Draft (Tuesday/Wednesday), Free Agency (begins Friday)
Last Poll’s Results:  8.4 (79 votes)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the Rangers, their direction, coaching, management, prospects, and overall quality on the ice. You can click the tag “Fan Confidence Poll” to view historical polls.

Given the current roster construction, farm system, management, coaching, etc., how confident are you in the Rangers' overall future?
  • 8 27%, 53 votes
    53 votes 27%
    53 votes - 27% of all votes
  • 7 21%, 41 vote
    41 vote 21%
    41 vote - 21% of all votes
  • 9 17%, 34 votes
    34 votes 17%
    34 votes - 17% of all votes
  • 10 (full confidence) 15%, 29 votes
    29 votes 15%
    29 votes - 15% of all votes
  • 5 8%, 15 votes
    15 votes 8%
    15 votes - 8% of all votes
  • 6 7%, 14 votes
    14 votes 7%
    14 votes - 7% of all votes
  • 4 3%, 5 votes
    5 votes 3%
    5 votes - 3% of all votes
  • 3 2%, 3 votes
    3 votes 2%
    3 votes - 2% of all votes
  • 1 (no confidence) 1%, 2 votes
    2 votes 1%
    2 votes - 1% of all votes
  • 2 1%, 1 vote
    1 vote 1%
    1 vote - 1% of all votes
Total Votes: 197
Oct 11, 2020

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  • With all that’s happened, and still to happen, I’m rating it a solid 9 overall.

    First we got LaFreniere, then we got rid of Lias, got a solid defenseman in the first round, I can’t complain at all. The later round picks, Tarnstrom, Garand, and Vierling ( described as the poor man’s RNH) all have some real potential upside. The wheeling, and dealing will continue starting today, isn’t complete, so this survey should be conducted when the dust settles.

    We forget that after the PO’s, management stated that we will a tougher team to play against, and drafted accordingly. It appears that these guys are men of their word, and due the respect from us for being candid.

    I like what’s happened so far, JD, and JG are smart people, and we are in good hands with them sitting in the ivory tower!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Addition by subtraction, Lias, Henrik and Staal.

    more to come this offseason but so far leadership has kept their eye on the ball.

    not sure how to feel about Jack J yet but my gut feels there are moves being worked on that might explain more…

    9 for the past 2 weeks of work.

    Henrik wearing #35? ok ok I can live with that…

    • Hey john,just like in football a new coach brings someone in to explain or interpret his coaches new schemes…Jacque Martin will be running a new defense…I think that’s where Johnson comes in…I think!!!!?

  • The moves they just made cannot instill confidence in this team right now. Sure there might be more to come, but at this moment, they are not a better team than the team that lost in the playoffs.

    • Still need a 2C and a REAL LD. Yes they added LaFren, but he is all potential with no NHL games under his belt. Lost Staal, Hank and Fast in the locker room. This team currently has to change leadership.

    • If anything this team, as it stands today, still lacks toughness. Worst of all, I wonder who will glue this team in the locker today and tomorrow. Will it be a player call or a management call?

  • Staal had to go with his ridicules salary, and poor performance – great move / Hank is finished, period and we got more cap space – Great move / Fast though skilled and a hustler, is a soft player, gets hurt – Rangers needed a skilled gritter play to fill in, must continue to change the chemistry of this team – another good move. JD and JG have something up their sleeve. Trades will happen.

    • The team today, absent of any more moves, is pretty weak as we go two lines deep on offense and only 2 pairs deep on defense. Yes, Gorton is hamstrung by the Cap, but he wasted money on a bunch of nobodies last week.

      If you think Gorton is such a genius, look at the teams he made big deals with – Carolina and Tampa Bay. Both teams are better after the trades – are we? I think not!

      • Wasting money isn’t an issue with Dolan as the owner. wasting CAP SPACE is … and when every signee is making $1.15M or less, they’ve “wasted” very little cap space.

  • Outside of having kakko and Lafreniere land on our lap the last two drafts we done a so so in drafting so my confidence level is at 5

  • Rangers’ leadership starts with their management, who appear to be putting together a skilled young team. There are constraints, some self inflicted, some not. The Rangers’ roster has some very good players, goalies, defensemen and forwards. Their farm system is solid, recent draft added at least 2 very promising players, forward Alexis Lafrenière and defenseman Braden Schneider.

    But, where is the grit and toughness, why, do the Rangers, usually add grit and tough players that are older players and not younger players that can grow with the skilled players? The goal of being a difficult team to play against should start while the team is young to embed a gritty, tough team-wide personality.

  • I gave a 9 the last time and I’m back to an 8 now.

    Martin lobbying for Jack Johnson scares the ever lovin sh-t out of me.

    So now, we have the proverbial worst forward in Howden and the proverbial worst D man in Johnson.

  • The Rangers gushing about the Johnson signing is mind boggling.

    Statistically, one of the worst D men in the league. So we replaced Staal with the same person who makes 80% less. That does not make me feel better.

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