It’s official: Henrik Lundqvist has signed with the Washington Capitals

What we knew already was just made official. The Washington Capitals have signed legendary goalie Henrik Lundqvist. Lundqvist was bought out by the Rangers, a mutual decision on both sides, to make room for the Igor Shesterkin/Alex Georgiev competition and next generation of Rangers goaltending.

Lundqvist will join Alex Ovechkin, whom he has always shared a friendly and respectful rivalry. Lundqvist replaces the departed Braden Holtby in net. The deal is one year and $1.5 million.

The Caps are a playoff contender, but have a few other needs before we can consider them true Stanley Cup competitors.

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  • man where would we be with out the ping pong ball , id be in a much diff mental place in all this. but right now , i wish hank all the best but im pretty much indifferent.

    • We probably would have drafted a Center … and mentally I don’t see much of a change tbh. Lafreniere does push the rebuild forward more so, but personally I would still be in a very good place.

  • No matter how obvious it is that the relationship is over and it’s time to move on, seeing your ex-partner with someone else is VERY painful.

  • Just couldn’t retire a Ranger how hard up is he for money he made a 100m with the Rangers if he was still an elite Goalie the Rangers would have kept him he is chasing a cup odds are old ass capitals aren’t getting there with or without him they lost to the Islanders.

  • My second favorite athlete ever behind David Wright. If only the Rangers had supported Hank better he would have won at least one cup. If only they got better defensemen instead of giving Girardi and Staal stupid extensions and kept Stroman instead. Hank carried some teams to deep runs by standing on his head I’ll miss him.

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