NY Rangers trade Lias Andersson to LA Kings for 2nd round pick

The NY Rangers have traded Lias Andersson to the LA Kings for a 2nd round pick this year. The pick is the #60 in the 2020 draft. This is a bit expected, as the relationship had soured for some time.

The Rangers selected Andersson 7th overall in 2017. This ends the soap opera between player and team. It is truly unfortunate this couldn’t be salvaged, but at least the Rangers got something tangible for him.

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  • Well we got something anyway. Let’s write this period out of the Ranger’s history books………………………..

  • In a net draft pick scenario: Rangers essentially traded Lias to remove Staal’s contract from the books.

    • … and now the question is, what will they do with the cap space they have THIS year — that will determine what value we got from trading Lias.

  • I see no way this could have been salvaged. He’s a quitter! How do you Winn. with a quitter on the team? Ask Boston and Rask! you can’t! Best trade for the Rangers. Good job to the draft team!

  • Well, I am not going to say bad things about Anderson. I hope for the young man’s sake that he finds happiness in life, whether or not he makes it to the NHL. It might be that he ends up playing in Sweden his entire career. Whatever the case may be, I hope that he has a fulfilling life and wish him luck.

  • The Rangers have moved quantomly since he was drafted and disappointed. The regrets should mainly fall on this young man’s shoulders. I hope he recovers in wherever he his life takes him. I think he’s on the right path.

  • this was a disaster in the making in 2 (or 3 stages)

    1. pierre comparing the SEVENTH pick to jesper fast – no offense to him.

    2. gordie clark chewing out the 2017 traverse city squad for their performance (chytil was in europe) . MSG pulled the video.

    3. tripping on the opening night wire.

    lucky they got a 2nd for him. (Actual pick seems to be a subject of debate: for ex: pronman likes it, scott wheeler doesnt)

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