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Confirmed: NY Rangers to buy out Henrik Lundqvist tomorrow

Some sad news, yet expected news. The NY Rangers will buy out Henrik Lundqvist, and it could come as soon as tomorrow.

This move has been speculated for months. It became a reality two weeks ago. And now it is inevitable. A trade just could not be found. The NY Rangers will part ways with their greatest goalie of all time. Lundqvist forever changed the game and the way goaltenders approach the position.

With a Henrik Lundqvist buy out, the NY Rangers will save $3 million in cap space and have a $1.5 million cap hit in 2021-2022. The move isn’t necessarily about cap savings, especially since the Marc Staal trade. This is about a clean break for both player and team, as they are headed in different directions.

Update: This is confirmed to happen tomorrow.

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  • Tomorrow it is.

    I have to say that Henrik might be my favorite player in all of sports, of all time.

    It saddens me that it has come to this, and it saddens me how some fans have shown little to no appreciation for what this man has done for the Rangers and the sport of hockey.

    Thank you Henrik, class player and class person. I hope that you win a Cup next year, like McD and Shatty did this year.

  • Not a good look for Hank. They made him one of the highest paid players in the game and easily the highest paid goalies. In the end, his talk about doing what was best for the team and staying here was all that .

    • Doesn’t diminish all the great things he did for this franchise. But they took care of him very well for it.

    • Bro, there is a very good chance that this was mutually negotiated, so the Rangers can move on and hank can sign with just about any team, with a low risk contract. To try and win the Cup.

      My guesses, in no particular order: Boston, Washington, Carolina, or Toronto.

      • I would have loved to have seen him retire with a little understanding between him and the team and then in a couple of months decide to come back and sign with whoever he wants

        • Simply, I think that Hank wants to play at least another year. That’s what it comes down to.

          There is a very good possibility that Hank and the Rangers negotiated this strategy. The Staal trade made a huge difference in the cap for this off season.

      • It’s possible but if that’s the case, why not trade him there and eat a couple of million. The actual salary is really 5.2 million . We could have eaten 40% of his cap hit and salary and be better off. That’s why I don’t think it was mutually agreed upon.

        • It definitely wasn’t mutually anything. Rangers wanted him to retire and Hank wanted the money, now (as is his right by contract).

        • Why trade for Hank when you can just wait for him to be bought out? Makes zero sense to trade for Hank, under the circumstances.

          And then Hank’s new team can pay $2M, instead of 50% of his current salary.

  • Henrik Lundquist is the living definition of class. He gave everything he had to try and bring a Cup to NY, but the stars just never aligned correctly for him, or the team. He’ll be missed, but he won’t be forgotten.

  • If it is indeed true? It will be a sad day in Ranger land!
    True class act, through and through..

    Let’s just hope he doesn’t sign with the Devils or Islanders.

    Henrik, now go chase the cup 🏆

  • Now that I got my Rangers fan anger out of the way

    Hank was a great Ranger. Tremendous competitor and one of the best ever at his position. He also put more money into people’s pockets and saved more job in the organization than people know. Anyone else think Sather would still be here if not for what Hank did beginning in his rookie year. Does anyone believe G would have gotten his contract if not for Hank? Or would Tom Renney last as long as he did in NY anhydrous gotten his Vancouver job if not for Hank? These are just a few examples of how much he did for so many. It’s a shame we never quite gave him enough talent to win the Cup he so richly deserved. He will definitely be missed. It’s unfortunate but time waits for no one.

    • shame that goalies are measured by stanley cups won…..Henrik was a great goalie who played on so-so teams with the exception of a few years….Without Hank, we would have seen way less playoff games….Long Live the King!

  • NY Ranger GOAT. I believe he will not play in the NHL. He could not accept being a backup. Will eventually come back to the Rangers in some capacity.

  • Hank has had a great career. I wish he would have retired at this point and joined management of the team in some capacity. But, he probably believes he has another run at the cup in him and wants to keep playing.

    No matter what, he was a great Ranger and will always be one.

  • What’s funny is I knew this was coming but when I heard it I got a knot in my stomach and was pissed! I have seen many goalies since 1962 and Hank was the best to ever wear a Ranger uniform and should have had a cup in 2014. Thanks Hank for always giving 100% and being the best game 7 goalie EVER! GOD BLESS AND GOOD LUCK. See you at the jersey retirement night

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