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Rumor: NY Rangers and Jack Eichel may not be a pipe dream

Per Bob McKenzie, who came out of retirement to tweet this, the new rumors is the NY Rangers are targeting Jack Eichel.

This is a total shock, a second in just three days. We had spoken about Eichel over three months ago and theorized what it would take to land the center. This was more of an exercise, as the Sabres are in the middle of an overhaul, and are now on an internal budget due to COVID. Eichel is making $10 million a season for the next six years, taking him through his age-28 season.

Eichel’s price tag, as an elite level 1C, is going to be high. Expect young roster players to go the other way. When I wrote that post, I was contacted by someone unaffiliated with either organization and was told the conversation likely needs to include Kaapo Kakko or Adam Fox. Things change in a COVID world. Now saddled with an internal budget, this may have more smoke to it than initially thought.

Let’s assume both Kakko and Fox are untouchable. Does some combination of Filip Chytil and Tony DeAngelo, with other assets get it done? This is a new wrinkle in the Jack Eichel to the Rangers rumor. This is the type of move that the Rangers can make to exploit teams that are cash strapped due to COVID.

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  • I quoted the 4 tweets from McKenzie after the initial tweet you posted here. It’s important to read the whole story…sounds like a lot of hot air for now.

    per Bob McKenzie’s twitter feed:

    I hear that (trade talk) a lot,” Eichel’s agent Peter Fish said. “Jack wants to win, he’s frustrated (not winning) but, no, he doesn’t want out. Jack is preparing to head to Buffalo at some point here and prepare for the season, whenever that may be. That’s all he controls.”

    The messaging out of BUF is Sabres aren’t shopping Eichel, there’s no real desire to trade him, but since Kevyn Adams became new GM several clubs have called about Eichel’s availability. NYR believed to be one of the teams that called. So calls were made; calls were taken.

    None of those talks with other clubs resulted in Eichel trade traction. But it’s also believed there has been dialogue between Eichel and BUF to ensure they both want the same thing (to get better obviously) and share the same timetable (sooner rather than later).

    So, the face-value review appears as follows: Eichel doesn’t want out of BUF; BUF doesn’t want to trade Eichel; move along, nothing to see here. Fair enough. But some rumours are worth checking out/mentioning. Which I’ve now done. Now back to draft prep.

      • “Chytil and Tony D plus D. Smith and a pick for Jack. Where do I sign up for that?”

        Much more than that. If you want to walk away with Laffy or Kakko than you have to add Buch and a prospect. I think Eichel out means another 1-2 years of rebuilding for Buff so they may want picks rather than ADA.

        • ADA is in line for a huge pay day. Maybe the Sabres look at that as beans compared to $10 mil per for Eichel but they want ELC’s and draft picks. Certainly gonna have to include that late 1st round pick.
          Do we really want to do this? Jump off the rebuild train we were doing so well on?

      • SalMerc

        Why doesn’t anyone think long term? Zib will demand at least $10 mil for his next contract. That along with Breadman’s $11 mil, Trouba’s $8 mil, add to that what Alexis will command in two years, along with Kakko, and Fox, that alone will put us in the $50+ mil area, how do you pay for the rest of the team? You don’t, so I honestly don’t see a trade of this nature taking place any time so!!!!!!!!!!!

        Pipe dreams………………………………………….

        • Well, let’s hope by then we get to the $84-$88 mil cap we were in line for this coming season. This flat cap is a joke. In my opinion the owners scored the players into thinking the revenue could dry up forcing the cap to go down. This flat Cap is just helping the owners cover the lack of stadium revenue. Which I read the NHL depends on way more of than the other 3 major pro sports.

          May be as much as 50% of all HRR. Once this ”flat crap” is done with, the cap should go way up. Provided we don’t have another labor dispute between the NHL and the NHLPA.

    • I’m betting Eichel deep down does want out of Buffalo, I mean who wouldn’t?

      Agree though, this isn’t highly plausible. I still think it would be more plausible that the Sabres look for players and trade draft picks. They have to start winning, otherwise Eichel really will want out of Buffalo. They have $33M in cap space right now and need to fill another 11 or so roster spaces, many of them of the cheaper variety … so they can afford a good piece or two if it fills their need. I think their 1st rounder has to be in play, even their 2nd.

      • I would bet he probably wants out too, but they are not there yet. Agree they need to add quality players to play around Eichel. Have to wonder what a package would look like to land that #8 pick? Considering Kapanen essentially got Toronto #15.

    • I think you’re reading this all wrong.. At face value Eichel seems to be saying everything but the words ” I want out “. He’s clearly saving face and admitted to how all he control is being ready for the season to begin. He’s been doing the ROR dance of subliminal speeches since last year.. I think he would love to jump right now.

    • They will not eat Trouba, and there is no good reason to add there Chytil, since we don’t know what’s the future for Ziba

  • Find Trade for Strome to get 1 more 1st + 22 this year add there Lias + Miller + Buch + 1 of 2021 (protect from to be top 7 for example) IMHO enough

  • It is a pipe dream. One does not trade Jack Eichel for a couple of lesser players unless you are financially so bad off that you have to do it. I don’t think Buffalo is in that situation.

    • Peter

      Their owner is loaded with money. He alone built the ice arena at Penn State for this alma mata. When they ran into construction overruns, he said “that’s fine, I’ll drill another gas well”. Now that is some serious money. Bottom line, the team isn’t hurting for cash, even if they are crying the blues. The owner isn’t Jeremy Jacobs from Boston, he is willing to spend!!!!!!!!

  • Does not seem likely since his agent said he doesn’t want to be traded. Let’s move on and try and trade up in this draft into the top 10 instead.

    This years 22nd, and one of our 3rd rounders, next years top 4 protected 1st, Lias, Hajek for the Jets pick at #10.

    With the 10th pick, the Rangers select Anton Lundel. It’s a big price to pay .

    • “Does not seem likely since his agent said he doesn’t want to be traded.”

      ^ Don’t be so naive, he’s following in the same footsteps as ROR did in Buff.

  • Uhh.. Unless the Rangers are willing to trade their entire team with 5 – 1st round draft picks for the upcoming years, this is a ridiculous argument… Just saying.

  • Panarin, Zib, Kakko, Laffy and Kravstov are the untouchable forwards for me. While I think Kreider stays in the picture for now, if they could agree to send him for Eichel, you do it 100%. Anything to keep Laffy and Kakko for the future while trading for a elite 23 yr old center is key for this trade. You open that window wide with Zib, Panarin and Ignor as apart of the core.

    Send: Buch, Chytil, Lias, prospect (it has to be Miller, Nils or Barron), 1st rd pick.

  • Just thinking out loud here. There is a flat salary cap in play – correct?

    And we are going to add 1 player for $10M?

    Hold on, just want to check the math.


      • True – but you still have added one player for $10M. Whatever is given back in terms of cap are attached to roster spots that will theoretically have to be filled and there would be $10M less to fill them.

  • Looks like McKenzie verified that the Rangers and some other teams called. However, from reading his posts–sounds like any trade talks were put to bed.

    If that changes, ADA, Howden, the Rangers’ second first–sounds great. Unfortunately, they’d probably have to swap out Chytil for Howden to make it work. Love this idea–but–in a cap world I would worry about the Rangers being able to be competitive for long with so many big contracts.

    But man-o-live! A one two of Eichel and Zibanejad sounds amazing!

  • Chytil & DeAngelo for Eichel……. That’s a joke. It should take at least the no. 1 draft pick (Lafreniere) plus two established players. That is if the Rangers are serious. Eichel is a once in a generation player. Get real.

    • Spare me. He isn’t generational, that was McDavid. He was an excellent consolation prize. At best a franchise player.

      • Yeah, a franchise player. Franchise. He’s one of the top 10 forwards in the league and if you don’t believe that, you don’t watch him play.

        • Realistically he’s probably top 5. He’s dominant.

          I know these are clickbait, but the idea that you’re going to trade for a 23 yr old elite center with a locked in long term contract, – and get him for a prospect + a replacement level right hand D is a laugh.

    • Are you sure Eichel is in a generation player?
      I don’t think so, nothing against him but are his stats one of an in generation player since he started playing for The B. Ssabres?

  • Sounds like ripping good players from team that you know what they bring, young good players you know what to expect they will bring, for one player. Even Pittsburg needed more than one player.

  • Eichel trade not going to happen..think it’s more Rangers kicking tires as all clubs do. I think the bigger picture is that the Rangers would be willing to figure out a way to fit a player with a $10mln a year contract onto their roster. Sounds like the Rangers really want to nail down another center. So the question is if Rangers are willing to back the truck up in terms of prospects players picks and cash who than is out there that now could be a target????

  • Bringing Eichel on board means no Zib after two more years. Not happening IMHO.

    Rangers are bringing in a very legit LD.

    • Tony

      You can’t be serious with your post. As a businessman, you understand budgets, and with the line up that we’ll have, there is no way possible that we keep all the very good players. How will we pay them all with the huge contracts going to Jack, Zib, Trouba, Bread, Fox, Alexis, Kakko, etc., and field a decent team, I can’t see it………….

  • Has anybody watched the SC? The Rangers needs are grit and a hard mobile defense. With the development of Kakko and along with a possible generational talent with this year’s #1, offense will not be a problem. How many goals have been works of art during the cup? If you don’t get the greasy goals you don’t win. If your defense isn’t part of a 5 man group, you are still in the 1990’s. A solid 4th line will be a must.We don’t need Eichel.

  • No sooner the Rangers dump an albatross of a contract, there are rumours that they are looking to add a new one.

    No shortcuts please. Build through the draft. Develop hockey players. Dump the veterans with the large cap hits when they start to decline. Manage the cap. That is the blueprint for success. Jack Eichel, fuddgitaboutit. The Rangers should be building a championship club with their own homegrown talent and developing the next Brayden Point or Victor Hedman. Not chasing a quick sugar high.

  • Don’t post out of context tweets. The full tweet specifically calls out that Eichel is not looking to move and that Buffalo does not want to trade him. All that happened was Rangers messaged Buffalo to see what Kevyn Adams would trade him. The answer was no.

  • Meanwhile….McD gets his name on the Cup! Happy for him, though I always thought his name would appear on it next to Lundqvist’s…

      • Yes Shatterpants gets in the last word. Good on him and Tampa Bay for signing him.

        Another example for the Rangers of what happens when a hockey club wants to win now and goes after the Big Fish.

  • Well there’s like 5 more posts to this twitter thread from The Godfather that basically says Eichel doesn’t want out, and that the savers don’t want to deal him….. and this is just more BS clickbait.

  • Unless eichel literally pulls a rick nash i dont see any eichel trade not including one of fox kakko or 1OA. (I personally would include fox if thats what it would take)

  • OK, so the Rangers did their due diligence. They called and asked. Then JD slapped himself and realized he is NOT Sather, said thanks but no thanks to the Sabers offer (if there was an offer at all) and those of us who lived through the BS times of reckless trades and signings can exhale.

  • To say that any Rangers players would be untouchable in a trade for Eichel shows how little you would know about this trade. How about this? I think any trade would include Kakko, Fox, and the 2020 #1. That’s a start…now add more. Think I’m crazy? Then stop talking about stupid trades where players 1/4 as good as Eichel are untouchables.

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