NY Rangers Fan Confidence Poll: September 28, 2020

Record Last Week (Monday to Sunday): N/A
Postseason Record: 0-3-0 (4 GF, 11 GA)
Schedule This Week: N/A
Last Poll’s Results: Average Score: 8.31 (138 votes)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the Rangers, their direction, coaching, management, prospects, and overall quality on the ice. You can click the tag “Fan Confidence Poll” to view historical polls.

Given the current roster construction, farm system, management, coaching, etc., how confident are you in the Rangers' overall future?

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  • Our confidence has more to do with what the Ranger Brass will do next. I have got to assume we draft Lafren. Then what? Do we buyout Hank? Do we do something more during the draft? Let’s go through the draft and the free agency period and see what the team looks like then.

    • I had a similar thought: the Staal trade was terrific, but i want to see how we spend the freed up $ before I go from 8 to 9. Definitely trending in the right direction, exciting times.

  • My confidence has not changed all that much since the last poll. The Staal trade shows me that JG and MGT are making the moves to continue the project they started 2 years ago…

    I do not think this saved money will keep Fast though.

    The next big thing we need to see is how the goalie situation ends.

  • I was reading where the money from Staal might actually be needed for performance bonus’. If this is true, it just gives us enough headroom to take care of some of our own. Will still need the Hank buyout.

  • Bob McKenzie
    The messaging out of BUF is Sabres aren’t shopping Eichel, there’s no real desire to trade him, but since Kevyn Adams became new GM several clubs have called about Eichel’s availability. NYR believed to be one of the teams that called. So calls were made; calls were taken.

    • At the very least, They seem to be interested in doing something big this off season…….next week could be interesting!

  • I always vacillate between an 8 and a 9, no one move (even a major one) is going to change that. I see this week as a positive, Lafreniere will clearly be another positive, if they keep Georgiev and “lose” Hank in the next few weeks I’ll see that as a positive … if they trade ADA for anything less than 1st round value I’ll see it as a negative (he needs to be a highly prized commodity, a potential 60 point d’man on the right side).

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