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Dreger: No Henrik Lundqvist trade partners yet; Don’t expect an immediate buyout

Per Darren Dreger, the Rangers are still not set on buyouts. However they may not have any other options. There are few trade partners for Henrik Lundqvist, especially now as teams are jockeying to stay within a budget.

This is expected, as the Rangers were unlikely to buy out Lundqvist immediately once the buyout period. The buyout period lasts two weeks, so there really was no reason to do it right away. The Rangers will explore all options.

A Henrik Lundqvist trade is highly unlikely, even if we can galaxy brain a partner. Even though he has some value with a very high cap hit ($8.5 million) with far less money due ($4.5 million). At 50%, that’s $4.25 million and $2.25 million, respectively. That has value, but the question is, how much? Also, Lundqvist has a full NMC/NTC, so he would need to approve the trade.

That no-move clause is also important for buyouts. Lundqvist has the right to refuse unconditional waivers and go straight to the buyout. We won’t get a full day’s warning of a buyout, like Ottawa did with Bobby Ryan.

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  • Trade Hank to Ottawa for a 7th round pick (pun intended) and Marion Gaborik (who is on LTIR), Ottawa buys Hank out, Hank goes to a contender and wins the Cup, and the Rangers save on his full $8.5M cap hit.

    Sounds like a plan to me.

    • Why should the Sens do us any favors? There are so many similar scenarios for other “older” players in the NHL that they’re in the cat bird’s seat. You’re going to have to PAY for this with a good draft choice (like TO did with Marleau last season) or a good prospect.

      • Sens are $22mm under the salary *floor*.

        They might not even *want* the Rangers to do salary retention for a 7th round pick.

        Now getting Hank to go to Kanata…there are daily flights to Newark.

        • If only it were that easy. There’s a plethora of bad contracts out there and a majority of the teams in cap trouble — teams that would gladly pay more for the Sens to take on their headache than a 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th round pick. Some players might even agree to waive their NTCs and play in Ottawa (unlike Hank I’m sure). So what is in it for the Sens aside from reaching the cap floor — something they could easily do by just trying to sign a bunch of UFAs to 1 year deals and then flipping them at the trade deadline for an asset? Even if they overpay those players, the cap hit in trade will be low at that time of year.

          Guess we can dream.

          • They can’t just sign UFAs to 1 year deals because then you actually have to *pay* them, while what Ottawa has been doing for the past few years is to get players with a high AAV but low cash outlay(especially injured players covered by insurance.)

            They were around the cap floor last year, but cash outlay at one point was something like $10mm below that IIRC.

            So getting 40% of the way to the floor for 20% of the cost and possibly a pick swap coming along is good business for them.

          • I’m talking CHEAP UFAs that can actually play for you, there will be a boatload of them ….

            … and the Marc Staal trade just proved my point, we had to give up a 2nd rounder — and he just cost $3.2M. That’s the market, you can’t change it with hopes and dreams that teams need to get to the floor, there are plenty of ways to do that which doesn’t include taking on $4.5M for a 7th rounder.

          • Actually there is some merit in this. Ottawa needs to get to the cap floor. They want to actually spend as little as possible. For the sake of the fans, it is useful to look like you are trying. A big name like Lundqvist makes a nice splash.

            Of course, would Hank accept playing for a team that won’t make the playoffs??

        • Its easier to just send them Smith for say….a 5th rd pick.

          Like Staal, Smith only makes like 2.5 m, but his cap hit is 4.35m.

          Saves a nice bit of cap and let’s you get upgraded on defense.

      • It’s an interesting proposal by Richter. The Sens wouldn’t be doing any favors, this is something that they may actually want to do. It would help them get to the cap floor (and by paying less real dollars vs. cap dollars), get real money off their payroll (Gaborik), and get a pick to boot (it would have to higher than a 7th, but a 4th could work). The reason why this could work is due to the big disparity between Hank’s real salary vs. cap hit.

        Of course there would have to be an agreement for Ottawa to immediately buy him out for Hank to even consider it.

        • Gaborik on LTIR: 20% is paid by the team, insurance covers the rest.

          No way they get rid of him.

      • Why? Because they have to get to the cap floor and they would be credited with more cap space than actual salary paid out, which is important to them also.

        Plus they get Gaborik off their books, another financial move.

        So, they’re not doing us any favors, it’s good business for them. The Sens have a major asset, it’s called “cap space.”

        • Sens get a $4.8mm cap hit on Gabby for $600k cash. Losing that deal gets them $27mm under the floor, taking on Hank in the trade gets them to $18.5mm.

      • Smith would make sense to both sides. Ottawa gets a cheapish (cash wise) player. We clear cap space. Maybe you send them a 7th rd pick?

    • That would be the best option for the Rangers, but one I don’t see happening. I really don’t see a trade materializing and they will eventually go the buy out option.

      How about you? How do you see the Lundqvist situation going?

      • I was hoping that Hank would retire, but I guess that is not happening.

        So, the buyout is the only way to go, and if teams know that, then why trade for him? Just wait until he’s an UFA. This is the way that I think it goes, if my trade scenario does not come to fruition.

        • Watch out Tony! I can negative rec you here!

          Your anti Hank attitude has been noted by the Church of Hank (in exile). Inform the other BSB of your pending Excommunication.

          Keeping Hank is best. If you dump Smith, you can definitely trade Georgiev as Hank is your only big salary.

          And your opinion is automatically wrong because Trouba. And JT Miller. You have caused me enough pain.

      • LOL. Hey bro!!

        Don’t laugh some smoke that the Devils may make a run at Hank if he becomes a FA. Makes sense, close to NYC.

  • No trade partners “yet”! Even if there is a trade partner, who said he will even waive it!!! NTC/NMC…
    Even the teams that need to get to the cap floor, who said he would even want to go.
    Best case scenario for us is retirement. Which I don’t think he is going to do.
    I would love for him to retire and play in Sweden next year.come back for his last hurrah for 1 year, as you can trade Georgi. Hopefully the year after Wall will be ready to backup.

  • Henrik retires: my wife and I were discussing this today (yes, I’m in heaven), and discovered that Hank’s net worth to be $30M. Promised another $8M per year, which is 20% of his net worth, would you do it?

    Oh, and she’d not seen The Hair before. She’s…impressed.

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