Poll: Who would be a better President, John Tortorella vs Alain Vigneault?

It’s election season folks. You know what that means, we get to exercise our right to vote. We have two prime candidates for President this year, both former coaches of the NY Rangers. It’s John Tortorella vs Alain Vigneault. On one side we have the fiery Tortorella, a man who will tell it like it is, but sometimes won’t even sit for a press conference. On the other side we have Vigneault, a jovial man who will smile while never answering your question.

Torts, as he is known, is a fiery personality. He will wear his emotions on his sleeve, which sometimes rubs off on others to get the best out of his staff. Torts is a guy who won’t lie to you directly, but he will flat out say he’s not going to answer your question. Honesty is the best policy, after all. He’s also a dog lover, which you should always trust your dog.

Torts is known for getting more out of his staff than their talent or expertise would suggest. He had some very successful campaigns in the early 2010’s before his staff led a mutiny to oust him. After a failed revenge tour, Torts took a year off from politics to find himself and adjust his strategies.He found the right opportunity and is now viewed as one of the best leaders in the industry. Despite none of his staff staying healthy for more than a week at a time, he still finds a way to succeed.

Despite all that, Torts has his detractors. He’s not a big smiler, which goes with his brash nature. He carries a chip on his shoulder, which rubs people the wrong way. Journalists need to have some thick skin. And if they don’t, they will sometimes get challenged to fights. That doesn’t lead to good publicity for Torts, who has had to deal with some rough headlines throughout his career. The mutiny dented his reputation as well.

Alain Vigneault

The polar opposite of Torts, AV is calm, collected, and actually pretty friendly. You will never know if he’s upset, since he’s always smiling. One of the most polite people on the planet, AV will politely smile, chew his gum, and give you a non-answer to your question. It’s not exactly honesty, but feelings are at play here, and it’s important to maintain that media relationship.

AV has the success on paper that matters. He’s known for bringing his staff to places you could never expect them to be. They are very good at going out and getting what they need, although they do struggle with keeping their needs on track. AV had multiple successful runs around the country, and is poised for a third successful run. He has his strategies and never adjusts, showing alarming consistency.

On the flip side, that consistency shows an inability to adjust in the heat of battle. He will ride his strategies and his most trusted advisers into the ground. AV also has a terrible habit of relying on his old guard, never listening to any new and perhaps more relevant input. He relies very heavily on one position in particular, his Chief of Staff, and will do so despite failing to give him the appropriate complementary support.

Tom Renney

The third party candidate. He was thrust into this position unexpectedly in a period of struggle. Renney had the benefit of having one of the most surprising runs of success. But he’s been irrelevant in this scene for some time. He will certainly siphon off votes.

So who gets your vote? It’s John Tortorella vs Alain Vigneault. Be sure to have your voice heard!

John Tortorella vs Alain Vigneault

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    • Contrary to your assertion, it’s nothing like that —- although very very superficially I could see why you would think so.

      • It may be “fun”, but you might have just opened up a big can of worms by inviting actual political comparisons. We all know where that will lead.

        Perhaps a better exercise would be to run a poll of who would make a better coach for THIS team: AV, Torts or DQ (maybe add Renney as well).

        • Free speech and freedom of the press is for all to enjoy, at least for the time being, regardless of your personal belief(s)

          • You’re missing context. Dave always talks about leaving politics out of the blog … here he’s inviting the political comparison of Trump versus Biden — you, I and everyone knows that. This isn’t a blog post about racism, which Dave engages in sometimes and argues isn’t a political issue.

    • Whatever his mood he was always entertaining … and he provided the team with a distinct identity.

    • Well, actually Torts would just walk off and not take questions, sort of like Biden does now, right?

  • This is a fun little article, well done.
    it’s nice to joke about things sometimes.

    thx, Dave

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