Irresponsible Rumormongering

Finding trade partners for Henrik Lundqvist

It would seem to be common sense that the NY Rangers would prefer to trade Henrik Lundqvist, as opposed to buying him out. It is better financially for the Rangers, and probably better for Lundqvist’s legacy. I’ve had to come to terms with Lundqvist on another team next year, so let’s look into where Hank could land if traded.

*-Disclaimer: Lundqvist has a no-move clause. He will need to approve a trade.

Hank At Full Salary

No one.

Hank at 50% Retained

This is the scenario. Lundqvist at 50% retained carries a $4.25 million cap hit and $2.275 million in actual salary (his bonus was paid already). There are two types of teams that are interested in Lundqvist at this price point. The playoff contenders with questionable goaltending, and the internal cap teams.

San Jose Sharks

There are irresponsible rumors abound that the Sharks are likely to buyout goalie Martin Jones. Aaron Dell is also a UFA. That means the Sharks, who consider themselves a contender for the moment, need goalies.

Lundqvist would get to play with countryman Erik Karlsson, which may be a reason for him to waive his no move. The Sharks may be a borderline contender, but given their roster holes and salary committed, they likely aren’t true contenders. If Hank is prioritizing a Cup, he might pass, despite Karlsson.

Toronto Maple Leafs

This is a weird one. The Leafs already have Frederik Andersen, but are rumored to be looking to improve upon him. This means they need to find a trade partner or buy him out, then trade for Hank. That seems improbable.

The Leafs are a legitimate contender. William Nylander has won with Lundqvist before. He almost killed him in the process, but they won together. Is that enough to waive the no move?

Edmonton Oilers


Minnesota Wild

This is the true wild card. Rumors are the Wild are looking to part ways with Devan Dubnyk. They are a borderline playoff team. This isn’t really the destination for Hank if he wants to win a Cup.

However the Wild have Mats Zuccarello. it’s hard to decipher what Minnesota is doing this offseason, especially with that Staal/Johansson swap.

Even as the goalie market settles, it’s hard to find a trade partner for the Rangers right now. The landscape may change soon, or even after free agency begins. The Rangers might kick the can to the second buyout window. But in reality, is a Henrik Lundqvist trade really an option?

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    • Cute – but actually it is a bad analogy. Sorry for the semantics BUT there is actually a needle in the haystack – you just can’t find it because the haystack is big, the needle is small, and a thorough search is well nigh impossible. Here we only have 30 places to look and we can make a thorough search which only fails because there is no needle.

      Two different flavors of futility

      • Yes, well I was just going for cute. It sounded cuter than me saying “when hell freezes over” which is more accurate since there is no “hell”.

  • If Toronto wants to improve on Frederik Andersen why would they be interested in Hank. The only people who see Hank as an upgrade are some Ranger fans who remember his glory years and think he is somewhat of a facsimile of his prime. The rest of the hockey world seems to have moved on from that view. And the list of available goalies who might be better is pretty long right now. A Henrik trade doesn’t seem realistic at this time.

  • Unfortunately there is no market for Hank. Its time for him to retire and either spend time with his family or start his post hockey life with the Rangers. The best thing he could do for this team is retire and create 8.7 million in cap space for them. It will allow them a tremendous amount of cap space flexibility and eating a bad contract partially for a year in return for a late 1st or a second round pick. It will also allow them to sign there own RFAs

    • Czech you are absolutely correct. Hank RETIRE!. you do owe something to the fans, your teammates, and the club. You’re a young man with much more to do. Take an executive package from the team and get your number in the rafters this year, have a therapist help you get over the bridge from a player to an observer, see the opportunity time provides, devote time to your family, and smell the coffee. Time to relax. The example of bequeathing your crown will set an example, not only to your teammates but to all hockey as well. Give management an easier way forward and the team the cap money it can use. It’s all available for you.

      • JD wouldn’t allow that. He’s on record that Henrik will be treated well. He’s not going to be given ultimatums.

    • They are certainly the most likely candidate. But if they were interested in taking Hank at the trade deadline last season for their Cup run why would they now that he is a year older.

      As a reminder:
      Season Age SV% GAA
      2014-15 32 0.922 2.25
      2015-16 33 0.92 2.48
      2016-17 34 0.91 2.74
      2017-18 35 0.915 2.98
      2018-19 36 0.907 3.07
      2019-20 37 0.905 3.16

      • I presume you mean Philipp Grubauer not Varlamov.

        If they choose to move on from the current tandem I think they will set their sights much higher ie Darcy Kuemper.

  • I wonder if there is a way to work around a buyout. Could he announce his retirement and be hired in the front office at a salary near or equivalent of a buyout, leaving our cap space untouched? Does the league forbid this?

    • Stevesse

      That may well be illegal…….Cap circumvention, and could cost us what the Desert Dogs are going thru now.

      They could sign him to a five year contract, at half the rate he is due, Hank gets rewarded for walking away. I have a sneaky suspicion that Hank’s ego won’t permit it to happen!!!!!!

      • I think a five year contract would also be cap circumvention.

        The rules are technical of course, but it should be okay to offer him a position in the organization for a year or two at a salary which is commensurate with that position.

        What Lundqvist should be doing is deciding what it is he wants to do with the rest of his life and the Rangers should promise to help if they can. If he wants to be a GM, they can give him a training job. Coach? they can find him an assistant’s job. Scout? whatever

        He has many years ahead of him and making the most of them is a lot more important than a few million dollars to someone who already has far more money than he will ever need.

        • Ray

          “I think a five year contract would also be cap circumvention.”

          I get a kick out of you, did you ever want to be a surgeon, because you love dissecting everyone’s words????????

  • The Henrik Lundqvist of today is not one of the top 62 goaltenders in North America. Why would anyone trade for him?

  • What? Not to Ottawa, so they can buy him out and let Hank go where he wants to go? As a FA?

    So why Ottawa? To help them get to the cap floor.

  • In some moment I had a thought about Allen type of deal, but Allen had way better season then Hank…. I think the possible trade is off the table, particularly in current ecnomical situation

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