2019-2020 NY Rangers Player Report Card: Alex Georgiev

Alex Georgiev finished his third season with the Rangers as the third goalie on the depth chart. This wasn’t by any fault of his own. Igor Shesterkin appears to be the goalie of the future, and Henrik Lundqvist served as the backup in the postseason. The three headed goalie monster was mostly unfair to Georgiev, but his numbers were still solid.

Second-Best Numbers

Georgiev finished the season with a 3.04 GAA and .910 SV%, behind Shesterkin but a bit ahead of Lundqvist. There is some context needed here, like with Lundqvist’s report card. The narrative for a while has been that Lundqvist faces the harder work load. On the surface, that would appear to hold true. After all, Hank got the starts early when the Rangers were atrocious. Georgiev started getting the starts once the team started playing better.

However once we look at the numbers, we see that isn’t the case. Georgiev actually faced a harder workload, albeit by a small margin, than Hank. The season long numbers, beyond GAA and SV%, weren’t overly pretty for Georgiev.

Results Over Time

A consistent theme this year is evaluating the players over time. The Rangers were a disaster to start the season, and performed much better as time progressed. The theory would apply to the goalies as well.

Georgiev was the exact opposite actually. As the Rangers as a team started playing better, Georgiev’s results actually got worse. Though this does vibe with how the season went for the Rangers.

  • October-November: Disaster
  • December: Better process, bad goaltending
  • January-February Magical
  • March: Too short
  • August: Three games

The season was better this year than last for Georgiev, which is always a good thing to see. However it is worth noting that Georgiev’s advanced stats do have him as below average, even this season. It’s something to keep an eye on.

Alex Georgiev Report Card: C+

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  • I think this is a fair assessment of Georgiev. However, it makes me wonder why the narrative keeps getting pushed that he’s one of the top goalies on the market this offseason. Yes, he’s young and cost controlled. But does a 3rd string, C+, below average goalie sound like someone who will fetch a lot in a trade?

    Let’s keep him and let him continue to develop under Allaire.

    • It’s “choice-supportive bias”. We chose him, so now we see him through rose colored glasses, amplifying his good points while minimizing his flaws. Other teams aren’t afflicted with this, and see his true value, not the one his fans see.

  • Just heard Ken Holland on NHL radio. Said he expects a lot of activity starting middle of next week as we fet to about 5 days away from the draft.

    Oilers will probably bring back JP as their seems to be mutual interest,

    He said they are looking for a reasonable priced starting goalie. Preferably someone who is young that can grow with the team and has NHL experience ( Giorgiev fits that description ) Spoke about Mike Smith who is old but may kick the tires on him if he fails to land a younger guy.

    Also said they want to recoup draft capital since they pick in round 1 but not again until late round 4.

    I see a potential trade here that can fulfill his needs and also help us move up in this draft.

    I would make a call to Holland and offer Georgiev and one of our two 3rd round picks for a swap of first rounders. We would move from 22 to 14. They would get draft capital and a starting inexpensive young goalie. With that pick, we can go after some elite talent like possibly Anton Lundell, Dawson Mercer, Branden Schneider, Connor Zary, Seth Jarvis.

    Or use the 14th pick and Lias or another pick and prospect to move to 11-12 and get Jake Sanderson.

    • I like the idea of Georgiev and our #22 for 14, but I wonder if the two 3rds and our 22 might get us the same move. Our prospect cupboard is full, we could afford just picking twice in the 1st round and then wait for the 4th round. With the 14th pick I would select Holloway.

      If you include Georgiev with our #22 and a 3rd rounder, then I think we should be getting a little more than just the #14 —- maybe their 4th rounder back. Would be nice to zero in though on the 8th or 9th pick (Buffalo or Minnie), that would give us a much better chance at say a Lundell … and both those teams might be looking for more “immediate” help, especially Buffalo.

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