Artemi Panarin snubbed on Hart, Lindsay Trophies

Artemi Panarin was snubbed on both the Hart and Ted Lindsay Trophies, as Leon Draisaitl was the winner of both. Draisaitl, who isn’t even the MVP on his own team, did have the sexy scoring numbers though. That’s how the award goes nowadays. The player that leads the league in scoring gets the MVP. Panarin didn’t even finish second, either.

Meanwhile, the Rangers wouldn’t have even sniffed the play-in round this year without Panarin, who was far and away the Rangers’ best player. The 27 year old had career bests in all major scoring categories with 32-63-95 in 69 games. He did this while playing almost exclusively with Ryan Strome and Jesper Fast. Both are noted offensive threats, of course.

Don’t get me wrong, Draisaitl’s 43-67-110 is fantastic. He’s certainly earned the Art Ross Trophy. It’s just hard to argue that Connor McDavid isn’t the most valuable player on that team. Perhaps this is biased, perhaps not. But Panarin was certainly snubbed here.

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  • Bread is a highly talented hockey player without any doubt. But being totally objective here, Nathan MacKinnon brings the most to his club, not just in scoring, but in leadership. He carries his team on his back, much the same way Lundqvist did when he was in his prime.

    • Youre right, MacKinnon was definitely the choice, amd like the article says, Draisaitl isn’t even the MVP of his own team

  • I think saying that the Breadman was snubbed when he finished closely behind two guys who had great seasons is a stretch. I think that he was under serious consideration in view of the points, and the voters saw extremely good things in the top three players. Sure, as a Rangers fan I would have definitely liked to see him win the awards, but at least he was seriously considered.

    • Peter

      Your right, but in MacKinnon’s own words, Breadman is his choice of MVP. I’m still proud of what the Breadman did for us, and that will get better with additional help coming soon to take the pressure off of his line…………………….

  • I don’t think he was snubbed or robbed of the MVP trophy. First off there were 2 very good players competing with him and not for nothing but the player that finished in 4th place is some guy from Boston named Pasternak.
    Some very good players Panarin was going against. IMO any one of those 4 players could have won MVP with the seasons they all had and someone else would have been ”Snubbed.”

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