NY Rangers 2020 draft picks (mostly) set

With Dallas officially making it to the Stanley Cup Final, the NY Rangers draft picks in the 2020 NHL Draft have been set.

We knew most of these picks, with the Rangers winning the draft lottery and the Carolina Hurricanes being eliminated early. The only outstanding pick was the third rounder, which was impacted by the Dallas Stars.

The Rangers received that third round pick as part of the Mats Zuccarello trade. This pick would have been a 1st rounder this year if Zucc re-signed with Dallas. Instead it became a 3rd rounder.

The only round the Rangers don’t have a pick is the second round. There’s always the possibility of them trading back from the #22 to get one. There’s also a possibility to move up using a third round pick. There are a lot of options for the NY Rangers using their draft picks to move around.

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  • Look for the Rangers to use some picks as sweeteners in deals. I still see us making a deal for a 2C at the draft, where we give up a player and a pick.

  • It’s a near-certainty that the Rangers will select Alexis Lafreniere as 1 OA. As for the #22 pick, NYR should go BPA no matter what – especially with 2020’s deep draft class; the player selected will have greater value as a known quantity either as a building block for the Rangers or trade bait when the team is ready to contend for the Stanley Cup.

      • LaFrenchiere is de LaFranchise Rocky.;) He is not just a winger he has the skill set to eventually become a formidable NHL centerman.

  • Now that the draft picks are “all-set”, maybe he can arrange for a Staal reunion in Buffalo. There was no way Minn would take Marc Staal, but perhaps Buffalo would?

  • Minnesota is in need of a top six center, and they pick 9th overall. A potential trade, Strome, and our 2nd first round pick for their #1. We draft Anton Lundell with that pick, and get ourselves a top rated center, who played two seasons with men, and is very strong two way player. He would be a Patrice Bergeron type center, and they say his defensive game is Selke level. Buch I believe will be traded as well, for what???? who knows. If that is the case, here is the line up:

    Lemieux-Barron-Howden (?)

    There will be balanced scoring from three lines, with potential additional scoring from the fourth.

    PK will be handled by Zib-Lundell-Barron, along with Kratsov-Lemieux, and Howden. This is a younger team, which gives us additional cap space for when the youngsters need a raise, and potential other trades.

    Hajik-ADA, unless he also is moved as rumored. Bottom line, we could fool a lot of teams, and play with the rest of the NHL, grow together, and be an honest contender two years from now!!!!!!

    • Think it would take more than Strome and our pick to move up to 9… but otherwise I like your blueprint.

      • clerks37

        If that won’tdo the deal, sweeten it with a prospect, another pick 3-4th round, or Buch . The Lundell kid is worth it, and he is from Finland, which would be great for Kakko……………

    • You’re putting a lot of pressure on LaFreniere, Kravstov, Lundell, Barron, and Gauthier. 4 of the 5 have never played an NHL game, while Gauthier has a grand total of 17 NHL games between Carolina and New York. I have high hopes for all of them, but I think it’s unrealistic to expect them ALL to excel in their first season.

      • In fairness, he did say two seasons from now. When you also factor in the more experienced players like Breadman, Mika, Kreids… another couple of years experience for Chytil and Kakko…Shesty in net… yeah, “honest contender” seems about right.

      • joe from newburgh

        All the young kids are chomping at the bit for the chance to prove themselves.

        LaFreniere is ready right now, no way is he not a starter.

        Kravstov is showing in Russia what he is made of, and given a chance, he will exceed. The kid also plays both ways, and can be used on the PK.

        Barron showed the world what he can do at Cornell, solid two way physical player, with soft hands.

        Lundell has played with men for two seasons already, and is a gifted player who is a very sound 200ft player.

        Gauthier has been misused, he is a scorer, and he was played on the 4th line. Bottom line, I’d let them jump in the water, and let them swim, how else does one prove themselves????????

    • Walt, who’s your 2C this year? I’d be shocked if it’s anyone but strome or another bona fide nhl 2C. Rangers aren’t burning a couple years of Panarin, Mika, and Kreider’s prime waiting to develop a prospect 2C.

      This may hinge on whether you think Chytil can play that position effectively today, which I don’t, but some do, would still leave the team weak down the middle for a couple of years?

      Though I can think of another RFA the rangers might be more willing to trade to make this happen…

      • wwpd

        Anton Lundell is the man at 2C. As posted above, he has played against men for two seasons, and more than proved himself to be a force. That’s the way I see it, agree, or disagree the kid is a stud!!!!!!!!!

  • I wonder if they could package say the two threes in a four for a middle second round pick I think that would serve us better, Unless we could take those 2/3 rounders and the 22nd pick and move into maybe the top 10 adding a prospect to it

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