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More rumors pointing to a Henrik Lundqvist buyout

More and more rumors are pointing to a Henrik Lundqvist buyout this offseason. This time around, it was Lundqvist’s own teammate who may have broken the news. Libor Hajek, in a Czech interview, noted that Lundqvist was saying goodbye to his teammates.

But you were part of the Rangers during the playoffs. How did the farewell of the legend Henrik Lundqvist go?
“It was very sad. After the last match with Carolina, he said goodbye, saying it was his last match. He said he didn’t know what would happen to him if the Rangers bought him out or went somewhere else. It was hard for him. He is a great fighter, the best hockey player in terms of approach, training and humanity that I have ever met. I even bought the same jeans he had to look like him. ”

This is likely one of those things that Hajek should have kept to himself, but it’s out now and it only adds more fuel to the fire of what was the most likely scenario all along. It looks like the Rangers are going to part ways with their legendary goalie.

A buyout will save the Rangers $3 million in cap space this season, and will cost them $1.5 million next season. In a flat cap, that $3 million goes a long way this season. The $1.5 million, while not ideal, is relatively negligible for 2021-2022.

If the rumors are true, and the Rangers move forward with a buyout for Henrik Lundqvist, it will leave them with $17 million in cap space. That’s more than enough to re-sign their key free agents. That is, if they keep all their free agents.

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  • That’s the end of Hajek in NY. The other players won’t want nothing to do with him. Maybe he’s just a little naïve but you don’t do that. Talk about another players future plans to the media.
    In any event, Hank is a Benoit Allaire disciple after all these years of his teachings.
    Hank should look to sign on with the Rangers as an associate or goalie coach in Hartford. When Allaire retires, Hank could take that spot over. It would be some easy experience if he ever decides to be a coach or a head coach someday. Do you have to start somewhere and what better than with a team in New York where you’ll get the most exposure around the NHL.

    • heh, I was saying at the end of the season that maybe it is time for the King to retire and take a very generous Assistant Goalie Coach position under the Goalie Whisperer.

      It is preferred to a buyout or trade scenario.

  • And then go to the Devils or Bees? Either/or, just devastating to me. I hope that Hank just retires, for both sides’ sake.

    • Why does Hank have to retire?

      I think he will choose to chase the cup for the next 2-3 years within this division.

    • It’s a shame someone whose meant so much to this franchise will most likely get bought out. I still think he can be an effective goalie on the right team. It was great watching him all these years. Great player and person.

  • Look, we knew Hank was NOT going to be on the club next year, the only question was how they were going to disconnect. Hank will have his number raised to the rafters someday, that is a sure thing.

    • As soon as Hank is done playing –whether it be with another team in the NHL or after playing another season or two with Frolunda, the Rangers’ organization should immediately schedule his number retirement ceremony “the next following season”. This would be a gesture of great honor, respect, admiration and love for the greatest Rangers goaltender there ever was.

      That’s how important he is, and what he means to the organization, team and fans everywhere.

  • I still hold out for the prospect that Hank retires, and then becomes Rod Gilbet’s replacement. He will walk away with never having worn any other jersey than the Ranger blue, head held high, and will be assured a lifetime worth of employment!!!!!!!!!

    He will decide what direction he wants to go, and I’ll wish him nothing but the best for what he gave to our team……………..

    • I too have been hoping that Hank chooses retirement. But it might be that he has that feeling common among older athletes that they have one more big fight left in them. It isn’t unusual to refuse to acknowledge what the passage of time does to oneself.

      Obviously Hank can still play, but he can’t do it as well as he did in the past. That is likely the hard part for him to accept. But, because I doubt he could stomach a season as a backup, and because it would just seem wrong, I hope he retires instead of getting bought out and then latching on to one more ride with another club.

    • I don’t see why saying good by to his teammates tips his hand at all. That works for both retirement and buyout.

  • If the report is true, it’s a sad day in Ranger land!
    It’s a lousy way to end his storied career (buyout).😡

    Was hoping for the other outcome (retirement).
    Play the season in Sweden with his brother.👍

    Just have to hope he doesn’t sign with a Metropolitan div team?
    Richter1994 mentioned 2,I’ll add another (Caps).👎

  • Pretty kind words by Hajek. I never heard a bad thing about Lundqvist from any of his teammates. Buying out Henk is the most logical choice by the club. Obviously not an easy one. Time marches on.

  • Forget about buying out Lundqvist, buy out Staal and acquire Joe Finley to take Staal’s spot. 2nd, acquire Joel Lundqvist to be the #2 center (give Patrick Khodorenko a shot at the #3 center) while trading Gorgiev to a team that desperately needs a #1 goalie (San Jose). 3rd, let all the other RFAs go and then Franchise-Tag Brendan Lemieux.

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