2020 NHL Draft Scouting Report: Jacob Perreault

The NY Rangers currently have a second 1st round selection in the 2020 NHL Draft that will be in the 21-24 range. There are a lot of good targets for the Rangers in that range. None will be Alexis Lafreniere, but the Rangers will land talent given the depth of the draft. The scouting report on Jacob Perreault is a natural goal scorer with a lethal shot and solid hockey IQ.

It’s worth noting that I am no draft expert. I did a lot of Googling and Youtubing. You should be checking out sites like Future ConsiderationsElite ProspectsDobber Hockey, and others on Twitter (@SternScouting@ManUtdTobbe@aj_ranger, and I’m sure I missed a bunch).

A Pure Goal Scorer

Perreault is a pure goal scorer on the RW. In 57 games with Sarnia this year, the 5’11, 192 lb winger put up 39-31-70. That was on top of his 30-goal campaign last season. One of his bigger improvements this year was in his passing, as he started rounding out his sniping ability with playmaking skills.

The raw talent is there, but it’s Perreault’s significantly improved skating this year is why he jumped up the draft board. His skating is still a work in progress, but he has a much better first step and greatly improved agility on his skates. This helps him create space in the defensive zone for outlets and in the offensive zone for scoring chances. He should only get better as he continues to work on this area of his game.

His play away from the puck is terrific as well. Dobber Hockey has an incredibly detailed view of his game, and is worth the read. To sum it up, Perreault is a little sneaky away from the puck, making him hard to track. This, plus his improved skating, make it easier for him to get to open areas in the offensive zone.


Perreault has one of the highest ceilings in the draft. However he is still a bit of a project. He has a ton of raw talent, and it wasn’t until this year that he started growing his game beyond that talent. Aside from skating, which we’ve already seen improvement, the other area for growth is his defensive game.

Most, if not all, draft prospects need work on their defensive game. His positioning is certainly off sometimes, and that will be worked on as he gets older. A bit more consistency to his game and in the system will go a long way. Sarnia was not very good, and struggled mightily on defense.

All of the scouting reports on Jacob Perreault show a sky high ceiling and a potential steal late in the first round. If everything hits, he could be a top goal scorer in the league. The talent is certainly there. It’s a matter of putting the rest of his game together.

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  • Thanks for this as he is my first choice of a realistic group of players who should be there when we pick.

    I also read that he played center in many games this season and literally carried the team on his back. If he legitimately ca play center than we should “run” to the podium and pick him at 22.

    Please do a run down on JJ Paterka next. He is second on my realistic available players at 22. Love the kid’s size, speed , passing, shot and his tenacious fore checking. May turn into an elite 3rd liner or even a high end second liner. He is always the first guy in the zone. Think of a bigger, faster, more talented Jesper Fast. Also do Lukas Reichel and Ozzy Wiseblatt.

    • Hello friend. Hope all is well…. Let’s just trade for the 3rd pick and get Stutzlemania…lol…..

  • He can fly when he wants to, the problem is that he does the bare minimum to gain position with his skating. At best he has poor situational awareness. An Uncle Miltie.

    He’s got a pro build on his frame, but the compete level is borderline do not draft.

    • His dad Yanic played in Toronto Org before getting traded to Kings and took off playing for the farm team; then moved up to the show for good.

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