NY Rangers the top organization in this year’s rankings

Corey Pronman wrapped up his annual organization rankings, in which the NY Rangers are the top team this year. Yesterday the Rangers were confirmed to be in the top-two, and now they officially beat out the Devils for this year’s top spot. They were the top team last year as well.

This is what Pronman had to say about the Rangers:

The Rangers have a built a very impressive collection of young talent, a group of players who I project can play important roles on a good team. And yes, I’m aware I’m writing this before the Rangers will have the first-overall pick in the 2020 NHL Draft. With the current state of the roster, farm, and draft capital, it’s clear to me the Rangers have a contending window that is starting to open. That doesn’t mean any guarantees about next season, but in the short-term I think this is a group that can make some noise and become a top team in the NHL.

That’s a very strong statement for a team that started its rebuild just a few years ago. Strong drafting, some good trades, and a clear direction have led to the strong system the Rangers have today.

The article requires a subscription, so I’m not going to share the full details (please don’t copy/paste in the comments either). However, some key tidbits:

  • Obviously Kaapo Kakko was the top ranked player, with Adam Fox coming in at number 2.
  • Brett Howden made the top-five on Pronman’s list, which was surprising.
  • Morgan Barron made the top-ten.
  • Lias Andersson made the honorable mentions, and his speed was specifically called out.
  • That speed concern is why Lauri Pajuniemi likely didn’t make the ranked list either.
  • Don’t sleep on Patrick Khodorenko.

One thing to note, Pronman mentions size a lot. Size is becoming less and less important nowadays, so that’s something to note. Strength, balance, and agility have become more important than size. Notable examples are Martin St. Louis and Mats Zuccarello.

It’s nice to see the NY Rangers atop the organization rankings for the second year in a row. They might get there next year as well, since Alexis Lafreniere was not included in this list. Now it’s a matter of turning that potential into results.

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  • It’s nice to see Morgan Barron made the top-ten. I posted that watching, and following him, that he would be a good player, great to see Pronman and I are in agreement, LOL.

    As for size not mattering, I beg to differ. Just look at the four teams still playing, all are big, and physical. Last year it was the Blues, not exactly small either. Give me a few of those players, Ryan Reaves anyone, everyday of the week.

    We have been drafting some bigger guys, and I can’t wait to see Miller on the ice for us. He is a big boy, and built like a brick sh*t house. I just hope the kid has a mean streak, or develops one in him, it would be a waste of a huge guy that is soft???????????

      • Let’s hope JD let’s the pipeline develop at their own pace as oppose to RUSHING them like JG and DQ did with Chytil, Howden and Kravtsov! Let these young players dominate and build their confidence at Hartford BEFORE bringing them up!

    • I think Miller can be a good player, though I think Lundkvist will be the better player. He’s playing great in the Swedish league.

  • Pronman values speed more than anything. But I agree with him (& Walt) about size. For all the talk about the new NHL the four teams who made it to the finals are very tough physically. And Tampa in particular learned the hard way not to be just about talent, like Toronto. Having added all that grit they now seem poised to win it all. That is something the Rangers need to improve on in addition to the tremendous talent accumulated. Fortunately Gorton, Quinn & JD all seem to be on the same page about that.

    Rangers made #1 per Pronman without Lav! The future is so bright. Can’t wait!

      • Or if he had immature temper tantrums like Lias, or skated as slow as Lias, he would develop more of a following with the fan base.

  • Hajek, Rykov, Lias not in the top 12. With the amount of ink spilled over trade speculation involving these guys, you’d think they are upper echelon prospects. Just one man’s opinion of course so that’s what makes a market I guess.

    Exciting times for D though with four prospects that haven’t even set foot on NHL ice ranked above Lindgren.

    Gauthier and Kravtsov neck and neck, how about that!

  • The Rangers have some nice talent with Miller, Nils, Barron, Roberston, and maybe Krastov, as the top tier but after that…I don’t see all the greatness people are talking about.

    We have no center depth, Lias will never play for us. Howden is 4th line center at best, we have 3 unknown college free agents and Karl Henrikkson, who is 5’9 160 lbs and plays on the big ice overseas.

    Zac Jones seems to have something but it was one year…prior to that…people thought the Rangers reached and he is another small guy.

    Lias looks like an all star in Europe, so, i would take it with a grain of salt how other guys perform there as well.

    For some, big ice/small ice, it doesn’t matter…their talents just shine. I am not sure I see that with many of our overseas players.

    I hope I am wrong but I have been a Ranger fan a long time and drank the kool aid a bunch of times…only to see 90% of their can’t miss guys miss.

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