Dates and times for 2020 NHL Draft, Free Agency announced

The NHL has confirmed the start times for the 2020 NHL Draft and free agency. After announcing the draft would move to October 6 and 7, the NHL has finalized the times. The first round will be at 7pm on October 6. The rest of the draft will begin at 11:30am on October 7.

Free Agency will begin on Friday October 9 at noon.

That will be an extremely busy week for the NHL. The last possible date for the Stanley Cup Final is October 4. There is a scenario where the Stanley Cup gets awarded, the draft occurs, and free agency begins all in the same week.

With all this activity coming up in barely over three weeks, we should begin seeing a flurry of rumors. The Rangers will likely send qualifying offers to their RFAs soon, and that is just the start. Prepare for lots of news to hit fast and furious.

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  • Let the pandemonia begin!!!!!!!!!

    I’m more excited about what we do after the first round, who gets moved, traded, resigned, let go, etc. Less than a month to see what the Ranger future will look like, can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am as well. Although it will an exciting moment when our future captain is drafted.

      We have around 13-14 million in caps space and should be able to do some things.

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