NY Rangers have a top-2 prospect system in latest ranking

The Athletic is doing their annual NHL prospect system ranking (link: subs. req’d), and the NY Rangers will be in the top-two. The Rangers have been stockpiling prospects for some time now. They’ve seen seen their system rise in the rankings through the rebuild.

It’s worth noting that these rankings do not include the 2020 NHL Draft, meaning it does not include Alexis Lafreniere. It’s also worth noting that the ranking includes any player under 22, so the list will include Filip Chytil, Adam Fox, Ryan Lindgren, and Kaapo Kakko are still included in the ranking.

Funny enough, it’s between the Rangers and the Devils for the top organizational ranking. It should be a fun rivalry for years to come. It is nice seeing the NY Rangers atop the prospect rankings though.

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  • With what we had to begin with, we couldn’t go any direction other than up. After the upcoming draft, with two additional #1 picks, we should be rated first overall. Now the issue is can we develop these kids???????????

    Isn’t it fun having such a young team that will jell for years to come, a far cry from the days of old retreads. This is a breath of fresh air!!!!!!!!!

    • I thought the same thing about the pending first round picks and vaulting to the top, Walt.

      Let’s just not be Edmonton, please.

      • Chuck A

        “Now the issue is can we develop these kids???????????”

        You read my mind when I posted the above remark. I also hope that the fan base show a little patience with the kids, they will be winners, just give them more than a half hour to prove it.

        I just listened to the podcast above, and couldn’t believe what was said. Some idiot suggested we move Kakko now that we have the first overall pick. What an air head we’re dealing with there!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Your comment about not being Edmonton is one of the reasons I am happy we kept Kreider. Even though we’d all like to see more consistency in his game, he brings an element that complements the more finesse guys in the lineup, and he seems to be a strong team leader. This isn’t stratomatic hockey; we need to put together a group that meshes as a complete team, or, as you put it, “not Edmonton.” Also, I think having Shesty anchor us in net will help.

    • “Now the issue is can we develop these kids???????????”

      They will have to move Buch right now or very soon and Kreider before his clause kicks in. Both Kakko and Laffy need to be around Panarin, Zib, top 6 and PP1.

      • I’ve said on numerous occasions that Buch will be moved due to his upcoming contract increase that will force our hand. As for Kreider you may be right there……………..

  • Use that prospect depth to acquire 2nd overall pick as well.
    Perfect opportunity.
    Top two picks in the draft.

    • It wouldn’t take our “depth” prospects unfortunately, more like our top prospects so probably starting with Miller and someone on the current roster, plus our #22 … and that’s just to open the conversation, not to close a deal.

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