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Relaunching Around the Farm: Kravtsov plays well in Traktor loss

It’s been six years since I’ve last run an Around The Farm. For those who weren’t around then, this is another little tribute to River Ave Blues (with the Fan Confidence Poll), and tracks the prospects playing around the world. Given the number of players the Rangers are sending on loan, this seemed like the best time to relaunch it.

To gather the information, I reached out to Stat Boy Steven, whom you should all be following on Twitter. Only the KHL is in its regular season at the moment, and only Vitali Kravtsov played, with Traktor in the KHL. This will be a (mostly) daily post that will have more substance as the rest of the leagues kick off. When the CHL leagues kick off, they will be added too.

Here’s when the rest of the leagues start their regular seasons:

Players loaned out to the KHL and SHL are likely to stay there for the season. Meanwhile the other seasons, save for Extraliga, have later start dates, meaning these could be shorter loans before the NHL camp starts. I will be intrigued to see how long the Rangers keep Hajek in the Czech Republic.

One interesting omission is Tarmo Reunanen, whom the Rangers did not loan out. More on that another day.

On to the stats:

  • KHL
    • Vitali Kravtsov (Traktor, 3-2 OT loss): 0 G, 0A, 0 PIM, Even
      • Season stats: 3 GP, 1 G, 0 A, 0 PIM, Even
    • Yegor Rykov (CSKA Moscow): No Game
      • Season stats: 3 GP, 0 G, 0 A, 0 PIM, +1
  • SHL – Regular season has not started
  • Allsvenskan (Swedish AHL)
  • Liiga (Finland)
    • Leevi Aaltonen (KalPa)
    • Lauri Pajuniemi (TPS)
  • Extraliga (Czech Republic)
  • Extraliga (Slovakia)

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  • I get it North American hockey won’t be starting anytime soon. The game is the teacher and to improve you got to play. So having the Ranger young prospects play overseas is good for their development.

  • Reunanen would’ve been buried on Lukko depth chart, might not be able to find a home for him. If you can’t make top pair in Liiga by 22, you are bottom pair in AHL. Undersized, underweight for his age, scoring plateaued instead of building.

    Edström currently rehabbing an injury, but is skating.

  • The Stat Boy Steven link has clips for two of Kravstov’s shifts: the longer one is a fun watch, he controls the puck and dominates, during 3-on-3 OT with lots of open ice. But the shorter 13 second clip is probably more important, it shows him strong on the puck and making plays in tight quarters at 5-on-5.

    • clerks37

      The kid has skills, and should be given every chance to show them on the big stage. I can’t understand why some are so down on him??????????????

      • I watched Kravtsov play here during the World Juniors. I was really impressed with his skill level and leadership. He has big league size and skating ability. A rough start for him in North American, but he will eventually make the transition.

        • Bloomer

          Let’s just hope they don’t give up on him before he even gets a start…………….

      • Because he wasn’t ready for prime time.

        Even now he’s still not strong/big enough to be an effective power winger in the KHL(looks great with time & space, but who doesn’t) but he sure figured out that he has to go hard to the net a lot quicker than Buchnevich, which is encouraging.

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