2020 NHL Draft date moved to October 6 and 7

The 2020 NHL Draft date has moved up a few days. The draft will now occur occur on October 6th (1st round) and October 7th (rest of the draft). The draft was originally scheduled for October 9th and 10th. However that was going to conflict with free agency starting the same day.

Using some educated guess work, I’d guess camps will open on 12/1, which means about 7 weeks of free agency. Camp usually lasts a month with preseason, which takes us to a season opener on New Year’s Day. If I’m the NHL, I make the Winter Classic the season opener.

If there’s one good thing about the 2020 NHL Draft date moving, it’s that we have non-stop hockey news for quite some time. That will be a fun week.

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  • Oct 6th, 2020, JG announces that with the first overall pick, the New York Rangers pick “Alexis Lafreniere”, and the continuation of the building of a hockey dynasty is almost complete. Those words are music to my ears!!!!!!!!!

    I can see that in 21-22 season, we make a very deep run for the cup, with a number of our kids growing up as a team………………..

  • Don’t really know where to drop this, so here it is: Under the MOU, any cap recapture that is less than the AAV, the penalty is brought forward to current year, while if it is above the AAV, it stays there for as many years needed until it gets below the AAV.

    If Hank were to retire after he gets his signing bonus, his cap recapture would be something like $3.95mm this year only, a $4.55mm savings. Under the old CBA, it would be $2.25mm over the next 2 seasons.

    • Interesting stuff, therefore there should be absolutely no reason for any sort of buyout???????????? Thanks for the insight……..

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