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NY Rangers should make acquiring Vince Dunn a priority

The NY Rangers need left defensemen. More importantly, they need good, young left defensemen with term that can be a part of the long term plan. They have the pieces to make a trade that would take advantage of teams with cap trouble. One of those teams is the St. Louis Blues. Targeting Vince Dunn should be a priority for the Rangers.

Dunn looks to be on the outside of the Blues cap issues, which extends far beyond trying to keep captain Alex Pietrangelo. The Blues have $2 million in cap space, but need to sign Pietrangelo and Dunn. This is a team the Rangers can take advantage of, using their cap space against them to acquire Dunn for minimal assets.

Dunn is worth every penny that he will get on his next deal, which per Evolving-Hockey, is projected to be around $4.6 million for 5-6 years. Dunn is a three-zone defender who will immediately be the Rangers best LD on the roster. He’s also young enough that he can be a part of the future while also filling an immediate need. A Dunn/Trouba pairing would immediately be a true top pair, with Ryan Lindgren-Adam Fox being a solid second pairing.

The trade comparable here is pretty simple. Think the Nick Leddy trade to the Islanders a few years ago. Leddy was a cap casualty in Chicago and was only 24 when traded to the Islanders. He was sent to the Islanders for prospects Kent Simpson, TJ Brennan, Ville Pokka, and RFA goalie Anders Nilsson. That’s three former 2nd round picks, and an RFA goalie. At the time, none of the three were considered blue chip prospects. The difference is that Leddy was already signed for an additional year at $2.7 million. Dunn is unsigned.

What It Will Cost

This is the $64,000 question. Using Leddy’s deal as a comparable, the Rangers are going to part with some of their middle-prospects. Libor Hajek is almost assuredly included in this deal. He’s already falling fast on the prospect depth chart and is unlikely to make an impact with the Rangers.

There’s a legitimate chance the Rangers can get this move done by only sending Hajek and draft picks. Rangers are lacking a 2nd round pick this year, but perhaps Hajek, a 3rd this year, and a 2nd next year gets it done? That’s almost the same as the Leddy deal, factoring in a lack of contract. Maybe the Rangers are pumping Brett Howden’s tires for something like this as well, but that’s just some spitballing.

Acquiring Dunn means Tony DeAngelo is likely a goner in a separate deal. That was already a possibility, as he and Alex Georgiev (and to a lesser extent, Ryan Strome) are their best chips for roster upgrades. Acquiring Dunn without moving any of these three means the Rangers have more options to work with to address other roster issues.

The Rangers landing Vince Dunn seems to be a no-brainer for them, if he is available. The Blues have a lot of tough decisions to make, and if Dunn really is going to be a cap casualty, the Rangers should be all over him.

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  • Here we freaking go again making DeAngelo a part of a trade.

    – 4th in the league in Defensive scoring
    – plus 13 for the season
    -tremendous vision
    – above average shot
    -physical presence
    -one of only a few Rangers who dropped the gloves last season to protect his teammates

    So, everyone is stating that the Rangers need more of a physical presence. Getting rid of Tony D is absolutely a step in the wrong direction!

    So, if you trade for Dunn, and Miller is ready ,the left side is complete. But now you need another RD, and the only player who could fill that role is in Sweden for next season.

    DeAngelo is a major asset and trading him only makes this team weaker.
    It makes absolutely no sense!

    • Ugh … you’re right Rich. Dave, we know you want to trade ADA …. badly. lol

      Simple solution, trade Brendan Smith — then you have the money for Dunn, who btw I do think would be a good add — If the price is Hajek and a draft pick or two (remember though that RFA comp up to $4,227,437 is just a 2nd rounder).

      Just one problem, who don’t you protect in the coming expansion draft? Dunn? Lindgren? You’re definitely going to lose one to Seattle … so again, I would nix this idea of trading for a LD when you have Miller almost ready —- and based on what I saw of Robertson in last season’s camp, I don’t think he’s too far away either.

      • Agree!
        Issue with trading Smith is that you would have to sweeten the pot by adding draft picks or players to offset salary. I think it’s doable though
        It certainly appears that Hank is going back to Sweden or will be traded for by possibly Toronto, so that opens up a good chunk of change.
        I really think whoever they trade for or sign as a UFA has to have grit in his game.
        There is going to be a ton of movement this offseason, and the Rangers can probably get a real good player without mortgaging the future. A lot of teams are in pure cap hell!

      • The Rangers could leave Trouba unprotected. It would be interesting to see if Seattle would be willing to choke down his salary.

          • Right, I should of known better. Then really the most logical path the Rangers can take is to go with their youth. They traded away their veteran players to acquire them so why not give their young dmen some NHL exposure?

            Smith and Staal can serve as backstops until their contracts expire.

      • tanto

        Great post, and right on the money. I don’t know too awful much about Dunn, but giving away that much (ADA) is way over the top.

        Miller is knocking on the door. Robertson not far behind, so why overpay? If Hajek, and next years second round pick does the job, why even mention ADA at all. Also if the Blues are in a cap hell, why would they want to take on ADA if they can’t sign the guy? This is a stupid move, that will never be made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Agree, Tony D should only be traded in some sort of blockbuster deal. The Rangers don’t have anyone remotely capable of replacing his scoring punch and literal punches at RD, and the kid’s talents make the Rangers’ defense a formidable offensive weapon.

    • Trading ADA is like pulling the flowers and keeping the weeds. The Blues like the Rangers are in cap trouble. The only way trading for Dunn makes sense is if the Rangers can shed salary. This is where signing Kreider to a 6 million per comes back to haunt them.

      Yes if Lundquist retired it would free up cap space and bail out the Ranger organization. But why should he? He earned his salary and negotiated in good faith.

    • Agreed, best scoring RH defensemen since Zubov. They need to focus on ther LH D-man who is solid defensively (stay at home) with a grit to his game. Pair him up with either Fox or De’Angelo so they can utilize their offensive talents.

    • Physical presence? Physical presence? Seriously

      The Rangers used 27 skaters last season. DeAngelo was 22nd in Hits/60 at 2.19. Jacob Trouba had 173 hits, DeAngelo 48.

      The only players who hit less than ADA were Strome, Fox, Kakko, Panarin, and Chityl. That’s one veteran center, three kids, and a Hart Trophy finalist. Even Mika hit more than Tony and that is not his job. Nor was DeAngelo noteworthy for clearing the crease.

      Since 2007, the only Ranger defensemen who have hit less in a season are Fox, Ryan Sproul, and Keith Yandle (twice).

      DeAngelo plays with an edge, but that is not the same as providing a physical presence.

      • Tony’s job is not to lay hits…Tony’s job is to run the power play and drive the offense….which he was very good at.

        Tony also has the balls to defend himself and his teammates.

        You want to trade the kid…then the haul better be more than your giving up.

        Didn’t we trade Graves because some clueless team official thought Chris Bigras was a smooth skating puck mover…we have that now but lets get rid of him…baffling.

        Didn’t we trade JT Miller because we had to have Hajek because he was a driver of offense?

        When Fox needs to get paid…we should trade him away as well.

        • “Tony’s job is not to lay hits…Tony’s job is to run the power play and drive the offense….which he was very good at.”

          I did not say he did not do his job. I merely pointed out that he did not provide a physical presence.

          “Didn’t we trade [Graves, Miller] because”

          No we didn’t.

    • Rich A. I agree with you. D’Angelo is talented and tough. He should not go anywhere. Today’s trade of Marc Staal I think is a signal that Gorton is much smarter than his having to work FOR a Glen Sather might suggest. I believe that whatever contract Tony D. signs he will outplay this time around. That means if a lot of the other guys (Kratsov, Lafrieniere, Kakko, Miller, etc.) actually pan out and have to get paid, he can still be moved at that time.
      But this guy has shown now that he has the ability and the edge to be a top defenseman. Talented hard edged guys are what wins inthe NHL. Giving them away on the way up is stupid. See Segei Zubov.

  • Rangers definitely thin on LD. I’m thinking Rangers patch work next year with a temporary bandaid. Maybe ride out Smith and Staal this year while slowly incorporating Miller and Hajek(sp). Looking a little down the line the Ranger left side can be awfully big and have that sandpaper we hear so much about lately with Miller, Lindgren and Robertson – who is 6’4” and growing. If they trade for a Dunn or a another LD it blocks someone else. The Rangers brass would have to make the decision would the assets and salary needed be worth it and would the acquiring player ceiling be higher than the player that would be blocked or traded. Would a Dunn be worth sacrificing a Robertson or a Miller etc. Rangers are not ready to compete for the cup next year…maybe year after that- by than they will have an idea on Miller, Hajek, Robertson etc.

    • In my opinion, trading Miller should be off the table. He seems NHL ready or very close to it.
      He adds grit and physicality to the team. Also, has elite skating for a big man.
      RNH would really suit the Rangers well. He is behind McDavid and and Draisaitl and the Oilers are looking to atone for the mistake they made by losing Hall!
      He would be a true number two on the Rangers. This pretty much means Chytil is going the other way in a deal and I’m ok with that. Probably means Strome doesn’t come back, especially if Barron is ready

      • Rich A

        You may be OK with moving Chytil in an attempt to get RNH, but what will it cost to keep the guy??????

        Phil is cost controlled for a few more years, Hopkins isn’t and will cost a fortune to resign when his contract expires in a year. BAD MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • RNH is one of the guys that want to be close to home. He owns a ranch in his region, very invested in western Canada. I wouldn’t be to surprise if him and Calgary link up soon… Or maybe one of the Cali teams take a run at him. He is supposedly like Kreider away from the rink. Is that really good for the culture? Seems a bit Zzzz for the kids..

        I think Tyler Johnson would be a better addition for the roster and locker room.. You still try and get Strome for under 3 years.

    • They thin next season only, they are loaded on the left side with Miller, Robertson, Hajek, and Zac Jones, they need to move Staal and Smith out next season, let the kids play and develop while the Rangers learn what they have, sign Strome and DeAngelo on short 1 or 2 year deals to see what direction they go, the kid Lundqvist may be an upgrade in a year or two. Let Fast go.

  • Dunn is a no brainer if he’s available. Hell, send them the Canes first and be done with it. Partner for Trouba!! Yahtzee!!


    Yes please.

    • “Partner for Trouba!! Yahtzee”

      Dunn would need a better D partner. You didn’t considered that this kid loves to skate with the puck up like P.K Subban. Why on earth would you pair Trouba who likes to jump up with another offensive D man? Why would you even trust him to play stay at home D? He is aggressive in the nz, that has been his game since Winnipeg, his partner Morrissey would bail him out for his poor d and aggressive play..

      Both of these D men need stay at home partners who can cover for them.

      • Trouba is not the offensive D man the Rangers thought they were getting.

        Dunn’s puck possession would help Trouba, who’s puck possession is less than stellar.

        Lindgren would be a great fit for Trouba, but why break up the Rangers’ best pairing?

  • I believe that trading DeAngelo is the wrong move. He is an elite offensive defenseman.
    Acquiring Dunn makes sense at that price until you take the expansion draft into consideration. There are a number of UFAs that could be signed to be placeholders for the young kids in the system.
    Trading Smith with a sweetener is a must. As for Staal and The King, one more season won’t kill us. Trading Strome and Georgiev is the way to continue the rebuild.

  • It’s mentioned here already, but it’s really the most important factor.

    Expansion draft. A trade for Dunn would mean the Rangers would have to expose one of Lindren or Dunn (Trouba and Fox are givens).

    • Scratch that. Adam Fox is exempt from the expansion draft.

      A Dunn trade & signing would work with the expansion draft, assuming DeAngelo is traded, which again has to happen if the Rangers have no plans to move him to the left side.

  • I saw something similar in a Devil’s board recently but couldn’t figure out how to post on it. Dunn has no arbitration rights so the Blues can do a Kevin Labanc type deal with him and reward next year when cap implications are more favorable if he’s retained through expansion draft. The numbers out there might make sense to avoid arbitration, but are likely wildly optimistic for what he’ll probably have to take. Unless he wants to holdout.

    I don’t get how anyone thinks the game’s economics isn’t entering a new paradigm. The NHL needs gate and beer sales desperately. With that seriously doubtful still, those previously “fair” contacts aren’t going to happen. Yet all I see in media and fan sites is spending like drunken sailors on shore leave.

    • One issue though is cap implications won’t likely be more favorable in a year. Being tied to league revenues, there isn’t a lot of optimism that the cap in 2021-2022 will rise much, if at all.

  • Dunn’s numbers this year were peculiar. He led the team in +/- and played on the power play. He did not play on the PK. At even strength, he was not the scoring threat that Marc Staal was. I don’t think better than Lindgren is right.

    Nevertheless, this sort of trade is a very long shot. Faithfulness to the rebuild means you see what you have before spending big salary dollars to fill a need you may not have to fill.

    Then there is the expansion draft. You cannot protect all of Trouba, DeAngelo, Lindgren, Dunn — which means that there is zero chance of adding Dunn (or any other dman over $2M) unless the Rangers deal DeAngelo.

    The Rangers will add one or two left defensemen this offseason in the 700K-1.5M price range.

    • Ray

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but Lindgren is on an ELC, and doesn’t need to be protected? As for the balance of your post, very good……….

      • “First- and second-year NHL players and all unsigned draft choices are exempt from selection and do not count toward protection limits.”

        So that means Shesterkin, Fox, Rykov, Robertson, Kakko, Kravtsov plus the new guys being added this year.

        But other guys on ELCs like Lindgren, Hajek, Howden, Gauthier, Chityl must be protected or exposed.

        • Oh, and Adam Huska is also exempt – unfortunate since the Rangers must expose a goalie and he would be perfect. They may have to get one for that purpose.

  • Vince dunn is a restricted free agent last time I checked. The Blues arent dumb enough to let him walk to another franchise.

    • Sal

      They won’t because they will be forced to trade him, especially if they resign Pietangelo. He wants a big payday, that he’s definitely earned over the years, so they will be out of funds to resign the guy!!!!!

    • Agreed Sal.. No team is foolish enough to trade this guy. He’s to good of a dynamic defence man to let slide away due to financial problems.

  • Do you liberals ever stop trying to get rid of ADA?

    You’re a fool. Why would you trade assets for a guy you also have to pay but isn’t as good? Because he supports Trump, that’s why.

    You have ruined our cities and have created a culture of hate and fear. Thankfully you’re not important enough to ruin the Rangers or for me to ever read another word of your mindless drivel.

    • I agree Rich! No way we should get rid of ADA because he supports Trump. We need to get rid of Trump instead … lock him up!

      • No politics tanto.

        On point – trading DeAngelo is not about anything he does online or his view points. I have no desire to trade Fox, who has the same view points as DeAngelo.

        Trading DeAngelo is about maximizing value for a guy who is third on the depth chart at ES and a major liability in the DZ for the $5M he’s about to get paid.

        • i am not sure I would classify Tony as a major liability on defense.

          It takes a certain kind of player to play in NYC. Tony has shown he is more than capable and actually thrives in this environment.

          We have seen time and time again how certain players cannot handle the spot light and the pressure that is associated with playing for the Rangers.

          I like Vince Dunn a lot…but he would not be cheap to acquire and would need to be paid…just like Tony will.

          Why not try to sign Joel Edmundson for less money and also adds snarl.

        • ADA’s D has improved although it has a long way to go. Getting rid of Staal would help. But I am curious. You wrote last week that Kreider didn’t need to be traded if we draft Lafreniere. You premised it that he provided depth on wing and that is a good thing. He will be making $6.5 mill with a NTC for 4 years to play 3 LW. Then you wrote an article and you referenced trading ADA as he was a Luxury as 3D. We will make about $5.5 mill for 3RD minutes, with no trade protection. so let’s compare the two.

          Kreider is 29 and ADA is 24. Both play even strength and PP. Neither plays PK. Both are important pieces on the PP. Kreider will have a NTC kick in once his new contract starts. I doubt ADA will get anything like that in his deal. as far as point production ADA was more effective than Kreider last season.(playing with Staal while Kreider spent most of his time with Zib and Buch) They were both drafted 19th overall in their respective draft class. So my question is how is one depth and one a luxury? And you seem adamant on trading ADA and keeping Kreider. But shouldn’t we really look to trade Kreider before the NTC kicks in on the new deal? And keep ADA to build his value, which we have done? Also there is no immediate player to take ADA’s spot, Nils will be at least a year away due to his SHL contract and the fact we traded Joey Keane. So then you have a hole on RD that needs to be filled. We know who is going to take Kredier’s spot, Lafreniere.

        • A few thought on trading DeAngelo – and to be clear I am not recommending either way.

          1. For a defenseman, playing defense is important. Keith Yandle scores 50 points a year; he was acquired by a first place team which has not since made the playoffs. You can score a lot and be awful. Not saying ADA is that bad defensively but it is something to consider. If he is, he is not really a good player.

          2. Players with flashy stats like Tony tend to be overpaid and overpaying too many players is a disaster. OTOH, one needs a complete team and you do need some players that you must overpay for.

          IMO, you need both stay at home and puck-moving guys on defense. If the market demands you overpay for good puck-movers, then you overpay or build an incomplete team.

          3. With Tony DeAngelo, it isn’t just politics. It is his entire personality and presence. It has to affect the team. A dominating presence can be positive, e.g., Mark Messier. Many here like Tony’s strong presence on the ice, so perhaps he too is a good thing. But it is something that should be considered.

          4. The Rangers do have cap issues and what that means is that you simply cannot keep everyone. The Rangers did not want to get rid of Carl Hagelin or Kevin Hayes, but felt they needed the cap space more than those particular assets. I am not saying that the Rangers should trade ADA or Ryan Strome, but it is absurd not to believe trading either of these two players is on the table.

          OTOH, I am not of the school that says you cannot have three stars on right side defense. If the right side carries the power play (which it does), if the right side holds up its end on the PK (not true last year), and if one mixes units creating for example DeAngelo-Fox for occasional play (as did happen), it should nt be a problem.

          5. it is not at all clear what the trade value of a DeAngelo or a Strome is. The new teams will have to pay them after all. Carl Hagelin ultimately got the Rangers nothing. I personally am likely too pessimistic here, but others i think are too optimistic.

        • Rich starts it and gets “this is an Arby’s”, I respond and get the “no politics” spiel. You sound like a referee, you missed the major infraction and gave me a major for fighting back. Ah blind mice. 😉

          • tanto my friend,

            Unlike Rich though, you were expected to know better

            George Bernard Shaw:
            I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.

          • There’s truth in what you say Rich, but sometimes the temptation is just too great … every once in a while you just have to get dirty. 😉

      • lock up Trump and bring in Biden for a few weeks and then we get Kamala, AOC, Omar & the rest of the squad…what could go wrong, other than Marxist policies…I hear Cuba and Venezuela are beautiful places to live

  • About trading current Ranger players:

    DeAngelo, Strome, Georgiev and Buchnevich are the only tradeable players I can think of that
    (a) another team would want;
    (b) don’t have no trade clauses; and
    (c) would save the team noticeable cap space by moving.
    Of the four, Buchnevich is the one I would miss the least. I really hope we can keep the other three.

    There is a group of players who the Rangers could afford to lose, and who would create cap space for the team if they left, but the Rangers would have to “sweeten” the pot to get teams to take them off their hands.

    I realize the Rangers have extra RHD and lack LHD at the moment, and likewise have extra Wings and lack center depth. The question is where are they in the rebuild – should they fill those gaps now or wait for prospects?

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