Poll: Offseason trades for the NY Rangers – who will go?

As the excitement of winning the 2020 NHL Draft lottery fades a bit, the Rangers will transition to business as usual. This means building the Rangers from rebuilding team into a consistent, legitimate contender. The NY Rangers have the assets to facilitate multiple offseason trades to better the current roster.

The Rangers have tough decisions to make with three RFAs – Ryan Strome, Tony DeAngelo, and Alex Georgiev. They also have a plethora of winger depth, which isn’t a bad thing. Some of the decisions they make this offseason will also impact which prospects they dangle to improve the roster. They also have an additional 1st round pick this year.

Ryan Strome

Strome is an interesting case. He’s had a resurgence in New York, riding a high SH% upon his arrival and then attached to Artemi Panarin’s hip this season. Strome put up 18-41-59 in 70 games this season.

There are rumblings that the team does not view Strome as a legitimate 2C going forward. He’s going to be very expensive as well, so committing that much money for a question mark is certainly risky.

Tony DeAngelo

DeAngelo is a luxury for the Rangers. An offensively gifted 3RD that led Rangers defensemen in points (15-38-53), DeAngelo is due a big raise as well. The Rangers presumably traded Brady Skjei to make room for DeAngelo’s extension, but then the flat cap hit.

DeAngelo is far from a complete defenseman, as we saw in the Carolina series. He has some pretty glaring issues in the defensive zone. Couple that to his expected $5+ million contract, and that becomes a question mark as well. It becomes less of a question mark if the Rangers move him to the left side.

Alex Georgiev

No matter which way you slice it, Georgiev is the Rangers backup goalie. Igor Shesterkin is the Czar going forward, and the Rangers will be getting down to two goalies. Rumors of a Henrik Lundqvist retirement are there, but that doesn’t impact Georgiev’s future in New York. Keeping around a potential starter to get just 20 games is poor asset management.

Plenty of teams need goaltending, and Georgiev is the odd-man out behind Shesterkin.

Prospects – Lias Andersson, Vitali Kravtsov

The Rangers have a ton of them. Lias Andersson is the “big” name that is in trade rumors right now, but landing Alexis Lafreniere may impact prospect decisions. Are the Rangers more inclined to include Vitali Kravtsov in a trade? Probably not, but the question is still there.

The Extra 1st Round Pick

This is another asset the Rangers have, and in such a deep draft, it’s a great asset. This first round has solid NHLers projected throughout its entirety, a rare occurrence for the draft.

So which NY Rangers asset is most likely to be involved in offseason trades this Fall?

Which asset is most likely to be traded this offseason?

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  • I wouldn’t even know where to begin with such a question unless I knew what the ACTUAL value of each is on the open market … and what the disposition of Hank’s $8.5M will be.

  • The pecking order will be Andersson, Strome, and then possibly Hajek. In no way will the organization trade the second #1 pick with all the talent that will be available for the picking.

    The sleeper for me this draft, and could very well be available is Hendrix Lapierre. The kid is a center, with exceptional upside, and skates very well, with gifted hands. He had some injuries this season, and could be a player that teams may pass on, and we could luck out a second time this draft, because he is dynamic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Strome.

    I don’t know if Lias even has any trade value at this point. And Georgiev is staying, with Hank gone, IMO.

    • Agree completely. I am guessing the Rangers can get a fifth rounder for Lias and at this point may be happy to get that. OTOH, they might prefer that he just stay in Europe to avoid any further second guessing.

        • Maybe — truly he would add very little value, but it would be less clear to fans how little the Rangers were getting for him and that might be a plus.

    • It would be great if the Rangers could get something decent for Andersson but as you noted, he really has no value at this point. That’s the Rangers fault for Misusing him on the ice and mismanaging him off it. The kid has to take some of the blame too but he’s an 18 year old kid (when he came here) moving 3,500 miles away from home. If maybe he can be used in a package deal with say Strome, I would do it. As an asset, Andersson has little value by himself. I would prefer to retain Georgi. He isn’t really a #1 netminder but he’s serviceable with a solid D corps in front of him.
      D’Angelo is a coin toss. 20 year old right handed D that put up 50 points don’t grow on trees. He’s one of the best puck moving D in the league at his age. However, his awful Dzone play is well know so to pay a 3RHD $5+ mil is a little risky. So is moving him to the left side. My guess is that 1 of Miller or Lindqvist are here next season. Occupying a 5-7 D spot.
      GM Post says to offer up Strome and Andersson for for another 1st round pick. If possible, I would even consider throwing in our other 1st round pick to move up in the draft. We cut cap off the books and finally get rid of the Andersson

      • I agree 100%. We don’t know what happened with any of these young players, but at some point, you have to question the org’s ability to develop young talent.

        I propose Krav and the Canes’ first for TB’s Cirelli, and then sign him to a 6×6 contract. Then trade either Strome by himself, or with Georgiev and maybe include Lias, as a package, and get whatever you can.

        Then you have:


    • I would say he has Bobby Sanguinetti value, in other words a 2nd rounder (although maybe not a 2nd rounder in this deep deep draft).

  • Lias plus picks if someone takes Smith or Staal off our hands.
    Strome is a goner. Find out whether Chytil can handle 2C.
    If the King stays then Gorg has to be moved.
    Keep our mid round#1 pick for a Center
    Wouldn’t trade anything else.
    I want depth from a development perspective rather than an all out effort for the Cup next season as that will create mistakes.

  • DeAngelo does have defensive weaknesses and is likely to be overvalued due to his offensive prowess, BUT BUT I would take the Carolina series with a grain of salt. The effect of a serious leg injury is not to be ignored.

    I recall a basketball playoff game in 1969 between the Knicks and Celtics and I kept track of +/-. I don’t recall the exact numbers but it was something like the Knicks were +16 with Walt Frazier on the bench and -18 with Frazier on the floor. KC Jones just cut him to ribbons. I don’t recall if it was a groin or a hamstring or what, but it really really mattered. [Note – that Knick team only had three guards and so benching him was inconvenient, though in hindsight he should have played less.]

    The way DeAngelo looked on that one goal was the way Frazier looked all game. [For those too young to remember, Frazier was both the best Ranger guard and best defensive guard at that time.]

    • The liberal Ranger was happy to see Tony fail…never taking into account that he was playing on one leg.

      Trade him and it will be the same as trading Zubov.

    • Played next to Earl the Pearl, great team to watch. Knicks have not had anything nearly as good or entertaining in a very longtime.

  • I think the rangers will keep all these RFAs, on arbitrator award or otherwise, and trade at the deadline when they likely have more value than just moving their RFA rights. I doubt the trade value around the league of either Kravtsov or Lias, that they would be value add in a larger deal when neither has cracked the NHL roster to say the least. Selling low on both – though NYR will need to sell low on Lias either way. So Carolina’d pick is the one I could see most likely to move that has any value. my best guess is Buch will be the odd man out from all of these, for better or worse.

  • Leaving out that Tony D had a bad hamstring but played anyway in the 2nd and 3rd games against Carolina is kind of glaring. He played the most minutes of any Ranger in the first game and had a decent game defensively.

    Yeah Lias will be trade bait but that might not happen until he proves to be stable in Sweden.

    Strome might be if they think he is too expensive and if they view his skills to be less than they appear in his stats like many on this page. I have a feeling they might like him better than I do.

    Tony D might be but I doubt that if they can come to a deal because they are thin on defense presently and the kid broke 50 points in a short season. That is very hard to replace and I believe that moving Brady Skjei was in part in recognition that they wanted to keep Tony.

  • Question: Could their send first, Kravstov Lias and one of Strome or ADA (They may have Lundqvist by the end of next season) get the second from LA? Not even close? Over pay? Imagine Byfield, Chytil, Barron and Hendriksson down the middle?

    What does LA need and would what the Rangers would need to get that 2nd? Would LA even consider a trade?

  • The team needs a 2nd line centre and RNH fits the bill.
    Everthing should be done to acquire him if that means acquiring Russell and Anathasiou to make it happen then it does.
    Blockbusters with Edmonton are normal.
    Parting with Georgiev, buchnevich, andersson, kravtsov, ’20 1st rd pick for starters.
    Can’t teach talented size.
    Quinton Byfield should be selected first overall and a secondary blockbuster with the kings should happen with Lefreniere going to LAK.
    Eg. DeAngelo and Strome to LAK
    For 2021 1st rd pick, 2022 1st rd pick and 2023 1st rd pick.

  • Nice of you to forget to mention that Tony De Angelo was injured while playing in the games against Carolina.

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