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Canes top Rangers as special teams control sloppy Game 1

The Rangers and Hurricanes played a pretty sloppy Game 1 of their play in series, with Carolina coming out on top. It felt like the majority of this game was played on special teams, with very little 5v5 action. The Carolina powerplay got a goal, and the penalty kill came up huge. The Rangers won’t last long if they can’t score with the man advantage.

  • That hit by Brady Skjei on Jesper Fast looked to injure him on that Jaccob Slavin goal, as Fast lost his man on that goal. That’s rare for him.
  • And now Fast to the dressing room. Oof.
  • And now a fight. Ryan Strome and Justin Williams. Interesting.
  • Rangers playing with 10 forwards right now, and the two missing are from the top-six. That won’t end well.
  • The refs are in midseason form already – they are calling everything. Lots of weak calls.
  • Lundqvist looks sharp. He’s a little more aggressive in net, he came out further than usual on that Svechnikov chance.
  • Brendan Smith laid out a nice hit, but it caused a 2 on 1 against. This team is confusing intensity with productivity. They are sloppy because of it.
  • Brett Howden led all forwards in ice time in the first period. That basically sums up that period.
  • This isn’t a slight against Howden, it’s that the Rangers couldn’t get their best players out there. That’s a problem.
  • Lundqvist has been keeping this a one goal game, this time a big save on Foegele.
  • The Rangers are also 0-4 on the powerplay right now. That needs to get going in such a short series.
  • And Carolina converts – this has the potential to get ugly.
  • Boy the refs are calling everything. Rangers now 0-5 on the powerplay.
  • Man, Pavel Buchnevich is good. He basically drove everything leading to the Zibanejad goal.
  • Kakko got tripped, drew a penalty, and still maintained possession for a chance.
  • Bizarro world Rangers right now. They owned the 2nd period, but got crushed in the 1st period.
  • That period had 8 minutes of 5v5 time. Normal.
  • Broadcast quality has been pretty good.
  • And Staal with the own goal. Ugh. That’s a back breaker.
  • Boy do the Rangers really miss Fast in this one.
  • Carolina’s best players were better than the Rangers better players. It’s as simple as that.
  • And not Staal gets one back shorthanded! We have a game folks!
  • Wasted 20 seconds behind the net – just sloppy.
  • They didn’t deserve to win this.

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  • Just a down right sloppy game, and if they don’t get their act together, it’s lights out for the boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • As usual in the play-offs, the more physical team seems to gain an advantage. The Canes played tenacious defense, and were right on the Rangers from the start. NY had better come up with a different strategy or game plan mighty quick! They really looked over-matched.

  • The hit Smitty laid out did result in a 2-1. But he did get back in time to sweep away the rebound. I thought it was important after Fast was knocked out of the game that the Rangers responded in an appropriate manner and send a message to the Cane that they won’t be pushed around.

    The Rangers PP was brutal. I am not impressed with Breadman in this early going. He needs to be better. The Rangers are not deep enough up top for Panarin to take the day off.

  • Smith was one of the best Rangers on the ice. He played a very strong game.

    Kakko was exceptional as well.

    • B Smith was just an overall terrible hockey player yesterday lol. He was one of the ring leaders on why Carolina owned the oz and nz so much.

      He couldn’t defend the rush to save his life or break up any consistent zone play…. How many times did Vinny Trocheck open him up on the rush to end with a slot shot from point blank? Smith was getting beat so bad that in that matchup.. So much that Trocheck decided to go back hand.

      I could keep going but I don’t want to overwhelm ya lol.

        • Smith was OK, he had bad and good moments. Trouba though still reg season Trouba. Foxy Lindgren well they’re kids but on the other hand Chytil and Kakko with the Goat were good. ADA injured or so and now we have a winner….Marc fucking Staal, amazing how many own net goal he scored vs to opposite team

        • Smith was OK, he had bad and good moments. Trouba though still reg season Trouba. Foxy Lindgren well they’re kids but on the other hand Chytil and Kakko with the Goat were good. ADA injured or so and now we have a winner….Marc Staal, amazing how many own net goal he scored vs to opposite team

          • The Rangers were totally dominated, they all had bad, and some had good: King, Smith, Kakko, Gaut, Zib, and Buch. I don’t think I missed anyone.

          • Would love to hear what “you” thought he did well… One big hit to cause his own team a odd man rush doesnt count.

            If I were a new fan… I would listen to the person with explanations on what and where that person “sucked”. Dude trust me, I wish I had the eyes of just a spectator.

      • NotsoAvery

        Thank you professor bull crap for your analysis, as usual it’s wrong, but none of us know the game enough to post an opinion. Tony is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Now tell us how wonderful Hayes is again, I missed it on this post……………

  • Panarin has not looked like Panarin against the Isles or against the Canes. Hopefully it is rust and not a nagging injury. They need him to be super Panarin to win. They need Kreider to be a beast. They need Tony DeAngelo to shake off whatever is ailing him and get the puck to their best shooters. They need Fox to play better too. I like what I’ve seen from Kakko. Smith has been better than expected. They need to figure out the Canes’ forecheck.

  • I hope K’Andre Miller is ready soon next season. They need a big, physical presence with skill. I know it’s a lot to pin on a kid but Carolina showed why this team is not ready for prime time yet.

    They were pushed and bullied into sheer confusion yesterday and there was virtually zero push-back. Say what you want about Lemieux, but he was SORELY missed. And Brady Skeij would have been knocked on his @ss if he played… who on this team even made a minor statement in the wake of Jesper’s injury? … Sad.

  • that was a punch in the mouth. hope this a wakeup call to the kids
    what playoff hockey is about. the officials offf…

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