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NY Rangers/NY Islanders Review: Rust apparent as Isles top Rangers

For the first time in five months, we got NY Rangers hockey. It wasn’t always pretty tonight, and the result didn’t matter. What mattered is the Rangers played hockey, and starting Saturday these games mean something. A quick review of the game shows that the PK was good, and Kaapo Kakko was great. The negatives: Still giving up the blue line.

The result didn’t matter, but it would have been nice to see a win in this one. Oh well. Who cares? Hockey is back!

  • Honest question – why the anthems if there is no one in the stands?
  • Ah yea, Frank Sinatra. Nothing says that this is a Rangers town like Sinatra.
  • The focus on this game is how crisp and clean the Rangers are….and then the Rangers take a penalty. An inauspicious start.
  • And another one. Yikes.
  • No noticeable changes on the PK with Gord Murphy – nothing unsurprising here.
  • Puck seems to be bouncing a lot. Hot summer days and third game of the day. Worth noting for the play in round.
  • Oh a fight. Two more until my crazy prediction is true.
  • The refs are in midseason form, of course.
  • I have been told that the anthem in these games is to provide a sense of normalcy. I’m gonna use it to ensure I’m in my seat in time with 2 beers and a hot dog.
  • This is a rather sloppy game – but I have no idea how Semyon Varlamov got those three saves.
  • Adam Fox got caught at the red line on that Anthony Beauvillier goal. Nothing glaring, just had two guys behind him.
  • Is that Filip Chytil killing penalties?!
  • This tweet from Colin Stephenson says it all. Shesterkin faced 7 shots in 29:15. Hank played for 10 minutes and has already faced 7 shots.
  • Marc Staal is injured and will not return. This means Libor Hajek is in.
  • Rangers are still giving up the blue line by design, which is expected. That wasn’t going to change. I just harp on this one rush because it was Russ Johnston, a 4th liner, when the Isles were changing. Read the situation – step up and force the Isles to chase a rush the other way.
  • The PK for the Rangers has looked good.
  • Man did Panarin get caught puck watching there. Now it’s 2-0. It would be so Rangers to have an anticipated game and not score.
  • And they finally get one. Filip Chytil went uncovered on this one – four Isles watching Fast.
  • I like pulling Hank right now – practice the 6 on 5.

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  • It was nice to see the game, and Rangers play again. The results mean squat, the real games start Saturday, so we got the poor habits out of our system, and we correct them. As much as I want Staal off the team, I hope he isn’t hurt just the same. LGR!!!!!!!

  • It was great to be able to watch a game even under these circumstances.

    As Dave semi-predicted, Kakko and Chytil seemed ready to do some damage. That bodes well for the Canes series. Panarin did seem a bit rusty; definitely not one of his better games. But, altogether, they played a pretty tight game against the Isles. That was a good warm up because the Canes are similarly defense-minded.

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