The Podcast Returns: Rangers vs. Hurricanes playoff preview

Live from the Blue Seats returns!

Hockey is back! Becky, Dave and Rob dig into the Rangers’ upcoming best-of-five series vs. the Carolina Hurricanes. They also discuss life in the bubble and if the NHL is up to the challenge of safely staging a months-long tournament during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Who will be the X-factor for the Rangers that could potentially swing the series in their favor? And who will get the nod in goal? Live from the Blue Seats is back, just in time for the re-start of the 2019-20 NHL season. It’s like Christmas in July… or August.

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  • I had to turn it off, the headline claims a preview of Rangers v. Hurricanes. However, it quickly devolved into Trumps Mismanagement of Covid-19, of which I am not on board. Too bad, I thought it was going to be a fun pod cast, but I was wrong. Bad job guys and gal!

    • Sucks for you.

      That was *maybe* 1-2 minutes of a one hour podcast. But hey, gotta fall in line with those blinders, amirite?

    • Trump has failed the USA… The country wants a new President so bad, the army doesn’t even like him lol.

      Gross image’s are popping up with him on Eps children lover island.

      • sure, If no Trump, we wouldn’t have Covid here. Maybe look at Governors and Mayors first? or your favorite media?

        • No Trump would have probably meant less than half the deaths — anyone even half competent could have achieved better results than this total imbecile. European countries dealt with the problem even earlier than we did, they didn’t have notice like we did … and they resolved their issues with mandatory mask wearing and a meaningful lock down. Now get your head out of the sand and stop supporting every stupid thing this narcissistic Fascist does. There are better cults out there.

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