2019-2020 NY Rangers Player Report Card: Adam Fox

When the Rangers gave up a pair of 2nd round picks for Adam Fox, there’s no way they knew they were getting this kind of impact player right from the start. Fox, snubbed from the Calder Trophy finalists, quickly rose from touted rookie to possibly the best defenseman on the team.

In 70 games, Fox put up 8-34-42, good for 7th on the team and 2nd among defensemen. As impressive as the production is, it’s even more impressive what Fox was able to do. Even when the Rangers stunk to high heaven for the first two months of the season, Fox was one of the lone bright spots. He brought some level of consistency to a position that has been the Achilles heel for the Rangers for quite some time.

This should come as no surprise, but Fox was the best two-way defenseman on the Rangers this season. He drove offense and was absolutely stifling on defense. The Rangers were actually hot garbage without Fox. There’s not much else to say about him at even strength.

Fox very quickly stabilized the second powerplay unit as well. Comparatively to the first, there’s a huge difference given the personnel, but the second powerplay unit is still above league average. Meanwhile the penalty kill with Fox…wow. The penalty kill without Fox…yikes.

Fox spent most of his time with Ryan Lindgren. There’s a lot of noise in WOWY charts like this, so I wouldn’t pay too much attention to Lindgren moving Fox towards “bad” from Fox by himself. Most players would move Fox in that direction. Fox is the only defenseman on the ‘good’ side of that chart on his own. Again given how historically bad the first two months of the season were, this is beyond impressive.

Adam Fox is one of the premier two-way defensemen in the league today. There’s nothing else to say about him. Landing him for a pair of second round picks is a steal.

Grade: A+

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  • Watching Fox play is like watching a very cagey pitcher with average stuff consistently succeed by outthinking the opposing batters.

  • Yes, Fox was good. HOWEVER, there is no way Fox is an A+ and Zibanejad is just an A.

    Adam Fox did everything he was asked to do and I presume will do even more in the future. But he did not play on the PK, did not play on a shutdown defensive pair, and he generally doesn’t hit.

    I give him an A (and Mika the A+).

    • I agree Ray.

      Mika and Panarin are the 2 that deserve the A+ Fox gets the A. He was very solid all year, but the top grade goes to the other 2.

  • My first thought was why is Gorton giving up two second round picks for an ECAC kid with seemingly inflated stats who is probably over-rated ala Jimmy Vesey.

    Man, was I wrong!

  • This was posted on the previous thread…………..


    Any news about Morgan Barron signing his ELC with the team. There were discussions about two weeks ago, after the Ivy League said that there would be no sports this fall, and people were thinking he would sign then????????????????????????????

    At 6’4″, and some 220 lbs, a kid with skill, he would be a great addition to the Ranger’s organization!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Eugene

        That’s my fear as well, although he said that his favorite team growing up were the Rangers?????????????

        • My worry is that he’s waiting to see what team drafts his brother Justin (I think) who is a good defensive prospect. Maybe he’s thinking about joining him. Hope it’s not so.

    • I gave you an up vote. I agree they could have pressed the issue, then again the bird in hand is … the safest bet was to get the matter out of the way so they could sign him well in advance of the start of this season before truly committing to playing his senior season at Harvard and possibly delaying his signing into this year.

  • Hit the jackpot with this trade too! With this kid The nucleus is there for a realistic run for the cup over the next few years. Let’s see how this post season goes.

  • He is a very good young player and a great addition to the team. He should be a defenseman for us for many years. I do not care how we rate him, I just know he is superb.

    • If I remember correctly you called for the Fox move. It was really the first time I became aware of how good he was. Very omniscient! Great call! 🦊

      • Yeah, I liked him a lot. My friends who feed me info talked about him wanting to come here a long time ago, and that started me doing some reading up on Fox.

        Sometimes you just see a player’s talent and ability to play the game. We were very fortunate to get him. A lot of Ranger fans complained about trading a 2nd rounder for him, but I knew that it was a steal and it guaranteed that Fox would be here.

        One of Jeff’s better moves as Ranger GM. To me it’s on par with the Zib trade.

  • If you give him an A+ he has nowhere to go but A++ or A+++. I think you break his season down and give him an overall grade of A- … he didn’t start playing the truly HARD minutes until later in the season, before that he was being slightly sheltered. Not trying to take anything away from the kid, it was a Calder Trophy level season (if not for Makar and Hughes) and he’s only going to get stronger … and smarter (as difficult as that may be to believe).

  • Fox always seemed to have that extra offensive move to create an opportunity, great hockey sense, shades of Brian Leetch. When caught out of position defensively , which wasn’t often, he had the ability and extra step to recover quickly and make the play. To quote J.D., O, baby! Outstanding, and a rookie to boot! A++

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