Adam Fox snubbed as Calder finalist

Adam Fox has officially been snubbed of a potential Calder nod. The NHL announced the three finalists this morning, and Fox was not among the three.

It appears the voters went with pure scoring lines. Fox put up 8-34-42 with the Rangers and was clearly their best defenseman. He was the only defenseman to put up strong offensive and defensive numbers for the entire season. Fox was steady all year when the focus shifted to Quinn Hughes (8-45-53) and Cale Makar (12-38-50).

Dominik Kubalik put up 30-16-46 with Chicago while shooting a whopping 19%. There’s the sexiness of a 30-goal season that appeals to voters.

Perhaps this is just homerism, but it seems Adam Fox was snubbed as a Calder finalist.

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  • Better that way, just a little more incentive for Fox who in my mind has an outside chance of being a Norris Trophy candidate a few years down the line. I don’t find the voting unexpected at all — even though I wouldn’t have voted for Kubalik who’s 24 and benefited from playing with Toews and sometimes Kane.

    • Hard to pick three defensemen. But Quinn Hughes is not very good. Oddly, Fox had more PK time than Hughes and Makar combined.

      • PK time yep… That shows just how valuable Fox is. HOWEVER, among ALL defensemen Makar and Q. Hughes were in the top 10 in PP time with Hughes number 2 overall while Fox was 45th!

        So 42 points by Fox is pretty darn good especially considering he wasn’t far behind those two guys in scoring. For me, he’s the most valuable of the three.

  • Hmmmm

    If fox was nominated and you were a fan of one of the other two defensive players clubs….

    You’d be irate right now….

    I’m really happy we have fox though..

    How many times this year did he just effortlessly move the puck…

    He showed such calm….

    It makes me so happy…

    I’m interested in seeing how our old #76 will play this upcoming series…

    Should be interesting

  • snubbed?
    Hughes, Kubalik and Makar… I wouldn’t call it a snub, but cut.
    All of the above deserved be there.
    Yeah “Perhaps this is just homerism”

  • Not surprised….Now if Fox was on ………let’s say the Penguins, he would be odds on to win the trophy…

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