Rangers release playoffs training camp roster

The NY Rangers have released their Phase 3 playoffs training camp roster.

The roster has 19 forwards, 10 defensemen, and 4 goalies. There are no real surprises here, other than potentially Yegor Rykov being left off due to injury concerns. K’Andre Miller is invited to experience it. His contract doesn’t begin until next season, so he can’t play in games.

The big glaring item on the roster is how thin the Rangers are on defense. They are one injury away from Libor Hajek in the lineup, and two from one of Darren Raddysh or Brandon Crawley. That’s a problem, but we knew that going into camp.

It will be interesting to see how David Quinn runs his Rangers playoffs camp with this roster. Does he go straight into lines/pairings? Or is this going to be like a preseason camp? Things to look out for. But hey, hockey is back for now.

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  • We do not have a deep lineup, but we do have a strong top 2 lines and decent top 4 on defense. DQ will have to find times to run his bottom 2 lines out there as well as sheltering minutes for the bottom pair. This is a young team and is expected.

    • Which means “we do not have” a good PK or PP2.

      Ignor helped on the pk but they were still ranked 23rd. I hope Fox can see a increase in time on there.

      The PP2 will remain the jv squad. All the hype that Buch and Chytil receive, you would think they could tag team with Kakko. Instead they become an giant liability against aggressive and skilled PK’s.

  • The most surprising omissions are Boo Nieves and Nick Ebert. Ebert is presumably better than Crawley and possibly Hajek as well. As you note, depth on defense is an issue.

    I certainly hope Murphy will set the Rangers straight on defensive personnel. Raddysh was a quality AHL defenseman; Hajek was crap. In a two year pro career, Hajek had a good five game run once upon a time – that’s it.

    Are we sure Miller is completely ineligible? I believe that Nils Lundqvist and Morgan Barron are eligible, though of course neither is in the mix. According to the standard rules, which I believe still hold, the Rangers could simply sign them to ELCs starting in the 2019-2020 season like they signed Kreider. Miller is more complicated as he is already signed to an ELC beginning next year and moving up his signing may be illegal, but does anyone actually know?

    • Ebert signed a contract to play in Sweden. As far as I’ve heard, Miller can practice with the team, but not play in the games, due to his contract.

      • Thanks for the update on Ebert. So the only Ranger defensemen not in camp are Rykov, Reuanen and Robertson.

        It likely won’t matter, but it is sad when your #9 defenseman spent most of the year in the ECHL.

    • I think it is important to remember that Hajek was a second round pick and those often don’t work out. I don’t think you want to play him just because he is a “prospect” – you should only play him if he is your best option. In contrast, Darren Raddysh is a top flight AHL defenseman. No, he is not likely to have a future, but may be passable as a third pair guy for a team with injuries.

      Funny that the Rangers released Sean Day, who is better than the #9 guy on their playoff depth chart (Crawley).

  • Some if not a lot of you fans who never played hockey.. Get ready to hear how loud the refs are going to be during this tournament. I have been getting cursed by them since my late Bantams years. I honestly wouldn’t blame the NHL on muffing out those sounds.

    • I always wanted the NHL to play the game….1) without announcers, so you can hear the sounds of the game; the crowd (uninterrupted)…and 2) with all or some of the players, on each team, mic’d up. Broadcast the game nationally, (i.g.) on NBC, and put in a disclaimer for potential vulgar/offensive language.

      I think that would definitely draw to the sport the “casual fan”…and make the game that much more better! (It’s a great already, but, always can make the sport more-appealing to the fans!)

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