Canadiens hold Max Domi out of practice, could Rangers follow with Kaapo Kakko?

The Montreal Canadiens are holding Max Domi (type 1 diabetes) out of practices and team activities for the time being. This is something the Rangers might do with Kaapo Kakko, despite him being cleared to practice by the team. Meanwhile, multiple Canadiens players have tested positive for COVID-19.

The Canadiens are the third team that has had multiple positive tests for the coronavirus. This again brings sports into focus as leagues attempt to relaunch (or begin) their seasons. This isn’t unique to the NHL either, as the MLS had to cancel a game today due to multiple positive COVID-19 tests.

Back to Domi, who has type-1 diabetes, this impacts the Rangers. Kaapo Kakko has the same disease, and might follow suit. Kakko had previously been cleared by the Rangers, but a third team outbreak might alter their decision.

NHL camps are set to open tomorrow, and it is expected that Kaapo Kakko will be at practice. However this is a fluid situation. Much will change throughout the week. The deadline for players to opt out is tomorrow.

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  • When someone tests positive for the virus on the Rangers, then maybe. Otherwise this is an apple to an orange.

  • The situation is fraught with uncertainty. Daily testing of everyone involved is probably necessary in order to let someone like Kaapo be among the rest of the team because he has two conditions that make him susceptible to the more serious effects of the virus. I am hopeful that the teams around the league will be cautious.

  • I’m not trying to minimize the risks, but more than one Montreal player has already tested positive for the virus. As of now, there are no positive tests reported among the Rangers, so there’s a substantially higher risk for Domi, than there is for Kakko.

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