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NHL/NHLPA vote to approve CBA and Return to Play

In what can be seen as no surprise, the NHL and NHLPA have voted to approve the CBA and Return to Play.

This was just a formality at this point. The NHLPA Executive Board voted to approve the CBA and Return to Play on Tuesday. The players had 48 hours from the following day to vote. This approval is one of the final steps in the process. The NHL Board of Governors also needs to vote, but that is a foregone conclusion at this point.

From today, any player wishing to opt out of Return to Play had 48 hours to do so without penalty. There is no word on what the penalty will be if a player opts out after those 48 hours.

Another piece of good news here is that this was an all or nothing proposal. The vote includes a CBA extension. This means the NHL and NHLPA won’t have a labor stoppage, thanks to this approval vote.

The vote to approve the CBA by the NHL and NHLPA solidifies their start dates. Camp will begin officially on Monday. Teams will travel to their hub cities on July 26. The play-in round will begin on August 1.

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  • Wow, first time no labor stoppage for Bettman during his reign.

    It took a once a century pandemic to get him to see reason, and not let his league die. It’s amazing how seeing a possible huge loss of $$ due to a pandemic and then a subsequent lockout, causes one to be “fair.”

  • There will be a work stoppage once they realize they’ll have to play behind closed doors and they never got around to Paragraph 17 of the SPC.

    Players got played.

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