Ruff to leave Rangers immediately; Gord Murphy to join Rangers as coach

Lindy Ruff will not be behind the Rangers’ bench for the playoffs in August. He will begin with the Devils immediately. Gord Murphy will replace Ruff behind the bench as an assistant coach for the Rangers.

Murphy joined the Hartford Wolf Pack this year as an Associate Coach. Previously, he had spent the last five seasons with the Philadelphia Flyers as an assistant coach. After the Flyers cleaned house from the Ron Hextall era, Murphy was let go.

Murphy worked primarily with the defensemen in Philly, and he took that role in Hartford. It is expected that he will take on that role with the Rangers as well. While the system won’t change, it will be interesting to what Murphy does with the defense pairs.

This past season, Murphy has worked with current Rangers defenseman Ryan Lindgren. He also has worked with Libor Hajek and Yegor Rykov in Hartford for most of the season.

It is unlikely that Murphy makes any major changes to the defense pairings in the playoffs. The top-six are basically set, and it is unlikely that the coaching staff will have the courage to replace Marc Staal in the lineup.

One bit of speculation. Given Murphy’s reputation as a defenseman developer, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him stick with the Rangers into next season. The Rangers have two rookies on the roster this season, with at least two more expected over the next couple of seasons.

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  • This change will impact the team more than you think. Gord does not have the trust and respect of the team that Lindy had. His decisions will be questioned. Coming in at a very tough time. I wish him luck and patience.

    • Since he’s already worked with the coaching staff and all the players who came up from Hartford, he isn’t a totally unknown presence. I think he’ll slide right in without any problems.

  • it’s an interesting situation for sure that the Rangers let the Devils negotiate with a coach under contract during the ongoing (interrupted) season. speaks either to their respect for Ruff or maybe that they were not so attached to him.

    • Can’t argue with that, although what interests me the most is the fact that he’s leaving immediately. I mean it makes sense for the Devils, but if he was held in such high regards by the Rangers then his loss would have been considered very “material” to their playoff run.

  • Off-topic >>>>> NHL.COM in last 30 minutes giving reports of Rangers players really working hard today at practice facility ……….Music to my ears !!!!!!!………Lets Go Rangers !!!!!

  • Morgan Barron was in the process of making a decision between signing with the Rangers or returning to Cornell when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

    The kid was thinking all along that he’d like to lead the Cornell team to a national championship, but now that the Ivy League canceled all sports for the fall semester, Morgan probably will sign real soon, according to the article on the Blueshirt blog. Good news for us, another gifted player, who can start on the fourth line, with skill, on the cheap. Let’s see if this happens soon as predicted!!!!!!!!!!!!

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