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NHLPA Executive Board approves tentative CBA and Return to Play

The next step in the NHL’s Return to Play plan has been approved. The NHLPA Executive Board has approved the tentative CBA, and will send it to the full union for a ratification vote.

This was expected, especially since the agreement on the CBA MOU yesterday. It is expected that the players will ratify this in short order. Voting starts Wednesday and will last for 48 hours.

No matter where you stand on returning to play, the universal good news is that the league will avoid a lockout after the 2020-2021 season.

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  • Good! I think the NHL is doing a great job. I think it’s okay to give Bettman his chops when there are people who still like Trump.

    I see millions of Americans who are either in need of work, in jeopardy to lose their jobs or just slugging away through this pandemic. I’m tired of seeing these working for free activist to protect celebs and athlese. These are grown men, yes even Kakko and Chytil are grown. If they want to opt out, than breaking an athletic stigma will never mean as much as it does until now.

    • I agree with your post but wanted to one key point, and not to be political- just logical. Regarding Trump- I did a deep dive into some of the polices and want was attempted to be passed through ( Police reform bill) and the policies are actually good, it is his mouth and the way you goes about his leadership skills, he is a business man and not a politician. I want people to listen more and read rather than read and believe all news is on Twitter and to do 100% emotional charges in their statements and beliefs. It is sad how we are not working together and teaching each other the right things in life. People need to be aware after the COVID pandemic is past us, Sporting events, music events, Insurance, domestic products are all going up in price.

      Anyway, Very much looking forward to watching Hockey again and heard today that the games will be played at Noon, 3 pm and 6 pm, so three games a day.

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