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Blues suspend operations due to positive COVID tests

The St. Louis Blues are the most recent team to suspend operations due to COVID.

Multiple players/staff from the Blues have tested positive for COVID-19. The Tampa Bay Lightning were the first team to suspend operations in mid-June when they had multiple confirmed positive tests.

The NHL also made it public that of the 250 players in Phase 2, 15 players tested positive for COVID-19 (6%). Another 11 players who hadn’t yet participated in Phase 2 also tested positive.

With Phase 3 –full training camp– set to begin on July 13, the NHL is putting itself at risk. The only US area that doesn’t have a spike in COVID-19 cases is the New York/New Jersey metro area. However the NHL can’t create a “bubble” atmosphere, so they are shifting to Canada for their hub cities. Toronto and Edmonton appear to be the main options.

The Blues and Lightning are the first two to suspend operations. The league is playing a dangerous game with a virus that we still don’t know much about. Personally, I think it’s time to just cancel the season and gear up for a full 2020-2021 season to the best of their ability. It’s unpopular, but it’s likely best for the long-term health of the players.

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  • I think I’m like a lot of fans with shifting opinions as the times change. While things here in NY were at their worst and funeral homes had Bodies stacked outside in rented Uhaul trucks. I felt the same way. Maybe we should just wait for next season. The season has been canceled before due to the Spanish Flu pandemic.
    Now that NY and NJ have proven that even in a big city, this disease can at least be controlled. This thing could flare up again during flu season. We may not get a chance to start the 20/21 season on time anyway. Until there is a vaccine for this thing next year, we are going to have to set this type of thing up sometime. Now or then. Call me selfish but this country needs sports. This is a chance for the players that make millions to play a game in this country to give back from the front lines of this pandemic.

  • Until there is a vaccine available, it is going to be difficult, and decisions regarding resuming games will be fraught with uncertainty.

  • Until there’s an effective vaccine and a treatment plan for those who will inevitably still get the disease, people are going to be very apprehensive about any form of public gatherings. Sports, music, theater, all are going to face tough times for at least a couple of years. I just hope that professional hockey survives as a viable enterprise in the U.S.

  • I very much want to see everything back to normal. This includes watching NHL hockey. But if it means putting hockey players and their families health in jeopardy then the league should postpone training camp.

    • I don’t know what happened to my response to you, but anyway…

      I loathe Bettman. he would rather risk the players’ and their families’ health to make a buck. His lack of action on head shots is disgraceful.

      But I am willing to bet, when he has no choice but to shut it down, due to mounting pressure, he will say that he wants to protect his players.

      • IMO players should be isolated from the family and friends during the preparation and SC playoffs. That’s the only thing and I’ll be OK with that. They have to think about other players safety and respect that. They are paid a lot to sacrifice for some of period that matter

        • As a personal feeling, I am not excited for them to play because, I guess, I know it’s not the right thing to do. Given the circumstances.

          I just cancelled my BBQ for this year. And that’s only a handful of people.

          • Me too bro. Every year I try to introduce Georgians to grilled Italian sausages and peppers and grilled Tuna aioli, but it was just my wife and my daughter this weekend. I miss it, but it is the right thing to do.

          • I’ve had a “Ranger BBQ” since 2014. So much fun. And it is terrible to have to cancel, just like your event as well.

            BUT, with all the suffering out there, with the ramifications of this thing, it is not much of a sacrifice. We’ll deal with it.

            Sorry about your cancellation bro. But you were with family, so that’s good too. 🙂

          • Peter

            Those sausages, with peppers and onions sounds great to me. Can’t get the real things here in middle Pennsylvania!!!!!!!

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