Irresponsible Rumormongering

Could Tony DeAngelo be a valuable trade chip in rumors this offseason?

He's the piece with the most value in a position of depth

Yes this is possible (albeit unlikely). Tony DeAngelo could find himself in trade rumors this offseason. Now before you jump down my throat that I hate DeAngelo, let’s set the record straight. On the ice DeAngelo is a great offensive driver. I’ve been on record multiple times that the Rangers are best served moving him to the left side to best utilize his skills. Good? Let’s move on.

The Rangers have a few holes to fill this offseason, most notably holes on the left side of the blue line and potentially down the middle. In this league you need to give to get, especially in a pipe dream Jack Eichel deal. Let’s break this down.

Hockey Reasons

Trade rumors begin and end with logic, and there is logic here. Jacob Trouba is signed long-term and isn’t likely to go anywhere. Adam Fox put up 8-34-42 in 70 games, which isn’t that far off from DeAngelo’s 15-38-53, but with far better defensive numbers. At some point, it may come down to Fox or DeAngelo. If Fox can put up comparable offensive numbers, wouldn’t you want the more well rounded (and cheaper, for now) player?

You can’t replace DeAngelo, but the Rangers do have the next best thing – replacing him in the aggregate. Fox, as mentioned above, can certainly take the lion’s share here. But don’t discount Nils Lundkvist, who is very quickly becoming one of the more anticipated prospects in the organization. If the Rangers really are dead-set on three lefties and three righties, then something has to give.

Like it or not, DeAngelo is right at that peak trade value without losing much in the long term. It may be a difficult pill to swallow. But again restating this, the Rangers have a clear replacement already on the roster in Fox, and then Fox’s replacement in Lundkvist. Cap implications matter here as well, and spending $5 million on DeAngelo –who could be considered a luxury– may lead to headaches down the road.

Non-Hockey Reasons

Ok this has to be addressed, and no it’s not the reasons you think. The Rangers flat out don’t care where someone leans politically. However the club does care how a player acts within their own internal guidelines.

The Rangers are notoriously strict with who has access to interview their players. However that didn’t stop DeAngelo from appearing on a fan-run podcast. Suffice it to say, that rubbed some the wrong way.

DeAngelo’s new podcast was also not team sanctioned, as far as I know. Suffice it to say, the team probably isn’t pleased with him starting a podcast without letting them know. It created a headache for them. It wouldn’t have mattered if he were discussing hockey, gambling, politics, or what color tulips he liked.

What is likely to happen?

DeAngelo isn’t going to be moved in a cap dump. The Rangers believe themselves to be on the cusp of being legitimate contenders. DeAngelo is a huge piece of that. However in the right hockey deal, anyone is tradeable.

There are only two scenarios I see the Rangers actually trading DeAngelo:

  1. A legit 1LD is available, with similar production and/or a more well rounded LD to fill that gaping hole. This assumes the Rangers don’t move DeAngelo to the left side themselves.
  2. A can’t-miss deal becomes available. This is a league where you have to give to get, and DeAngelo has the most on-ice value in a position of strength for the Rangers

It’s still highly unlikely he is traded, but it would require a blockbuster type deal.

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    • You trade anybody … if the price is right. What would you say if Eichel becomes available, but Buffalo wants ADA in the deal? Say, a 1st, Kakko, and ADA for Eichel?

      • Holy crap!
        Stop with the trading of Kakko. It will never ever happen. It goes against everything the Rangers have been doing

        • Kakko may indeed be an elite talent, but Eichel already is one, and he plays center, so he also fills a need for the Rangers. Eichel’s 23, just starting his prime years. His contract, especially in this fiscal climate, is a big hit, however.

  • I have no idea about hockey reasons. It still seems risky with nils never playing in NA yet. (My gut is they settle on a 2-3 year deal)

    Now Forget what one thinks of all the politics etc. Being all cloak and dagger as they usually are They cant be liking all this podcast or even Twitter business. It just really surprises me that haven’t addressed it. I’m not exactly a liberal and it rubs me the wrong way to a degree. The charity stuff is fine just no need to constantly ruffle people’s feathers.

    • The Rangers couldn’t care less that he’s a die hard Trumper. They take more issue with creating his own podcast. The topic of the podcast probably doesn’t help, but it’s creating one in the first place without running it by them that irks the org.

      • How do you know Dave he didn’t have conversation about podcast with the ORG? I don’t see any risk with this kid as long as he performing last 2 season with us

        • Same here. His really good and should be part of the future.

          As to the podcast I saw nothing about the organization being against it.

          • said many times. Sometimes fans go to political side more than see the talent. Sometimes fans overrate players who they saw few times or not at all, but bashing own known goods

          • Yup, doing well. Glad to hear you here. I was wondering what with you as I didn’t see your posts there for long time. Since last month I’m tired of what going on on BSB and the world. Crazy. I don’t like when people easy do their ass kissing. You know what I’m saying, right?

          • I am well pal. I know exactly what you are talking about . I was banned there after telling them to go screw themselves. I had enough of all the same jerks if you know what I mean. That place became a cesspool. That site is going to die just like Carp’s site died for the same reasons.

  • Why you talking about trading someone right now just plain nuts. let us continue with the season an worry about off season crap then, not NOW.

  • Here I go again… Everyone seems to miss we obvious and that is freaking Trouba. He’s NMC will kick in when the UFA date is set. If he is not traded before that date in an MC will be for three years and then to an MTC.
    If the Rangers pick up some of his salary, save 25% that would leave then 6 million to play around with. I may be wrong but I think it will happen. Mainly because while he has played well he hasn’t played well enough. So we will see what she shall see… Twice before when the Rangers were confronted with the same issue they opted to trade;
    Stephan & Skjei.
    My prediction is lightning will strike for the third time.

    • Trouba is NOT getting traded. You don’t give up a young defenseman in Pionk and a first round pick to move him for 10 cents on the dollar a season later. If the Rangers had any thoughts about trading him , they certainly wouldn’t have extended him to a massive contract.
      He may not have had as successful season as ‘we’ the fans would have liked, but in all fairness his D partners were changed multiple times over the season.
      He was brought in to stabilize the young defense Corp, and I think he did a pretty good job of that. He never complained publicly when his friend Brady was traded, nor did he complain about having a new defense partner multiple times during the season

      • “You don’t give up a young defenseman in Pionk and a first round pick to move him for 10 cents on the dollar a season later.”

        I don’t expect Trouba to be traded either, but I really don’t like this sentence. A good organization makes the right decisions for the future; a bad organization is more focused on justifying past decisions. If the Ranger organization, with the benefit of hindsight, is absolutely convinced that Trouba is wrong for the Ranger future (and i don’t believe they are so convinced), they should move on from him and not worry about the criticism for the last move.

      • A lot of people think he’s a bust because he didn’t put up points like he did in Winnipeg. Well, he doesn’t have to do that with the Rangers, because of Tony D and Fox. They provide the PP points that he needed to put up for the Jets. A simple, physical, game is what we need from him here.

    • One can only hope this is true. Jacobs footwork was bad for an $8 mil. RD. Again he’s a player and deserves respect. If he would move to Boston, we keep some salary, get DeCarlo and draft choice.

    • Skjei?
      really? 3rd line D paid as top pair guy.
      Step was the right trade in terms of intention, but was very poor executed

  • Seems to me a point being missed is what Tony will want now and at his next contract. If he takes a bridge deal I believe he becomes free agent eligible after it. He was upset at needing to accept only 900K or so salary this season. I don’t expect him to be easy to sign this time nor when he is on the verge of free agency. I think we need to think long range. There is a constant need for young cap friendly players. We have already boxed ourselves in with good to great players like Panarin, Kreider and Trouba and I expect Z to be joining them. So I think you need to be developing players and very often trading them to become stars someplace else. You can’t afford all stars on your team. You build a great farm system that keeps feeding you replacements.M I don’t expect this to be well received

  • I’m not a Democrat so don’t throw that at me but I’ll never understand how anyone can be a trumper. He’s not a Republican he’s a dictator…He,s not my father’s Republican party. He,s ruining this country with all the hate…. Just my opinion…we all deserve to have one…

      • I apologize for bringing politics in this discussion, you’re right…my apologies…but to rglv only we all have opinions…I have mine and you have yours don’t be so defensive , before we know it you,ll be drinking shots of bleach for breakfast.!!!!! LETS GO RANGERS !!!!

        • You are right, we all have opinions, but until now I never express mine on this blog. Nevertheless I reserve the right to reply when someone brings up politics to an apolitical blog and not being blocked by editors.

          • Calm down rglv you’re getting all upset over nothing but a comment I made. You need to relax..your panties are getting all bunched up in the crack of your ass for nothing. LETS GO RANGERS !!!!

    • Can we keep the politics out of hockey?!? I could care less what his political views are as long as he busts his ass on the Rangers blue line

    • Calling Trump a dictator weakens the actual meaning of what a dictator is. China, Russia and Venezuela are examples of real dictators.

  • I would try moving him to the left side before I would consider trading him. I’m a huge fan of his “game” (but not his politics). At a minimum I think 1 more year maximizes his trade value. Re: his defensive play, I don’t doubt it.

    This is a tough call, maybe the toughest one we’re going to experience over the course of the next few years. I prefer to kick the can down the road as much as possible because I think the team as constituted with just a few upgrades in the bottom 6 becomes a legit contender for the SC.

    Also we shouldn’t put too much pressure on kids like Lundkvist and Miller, let them maturate one more year if possible.

    • Good points Tanto!
      A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
      While Lundqvist and Miller have very high ceilings, they probably need some development time. Why rush them? There will be room for them when Staal and Smiths contracts expire or are bought out.
      It’s really a great position to be in!

  • “In this league you need to give to get, especially in a pipe dream Jack Eichel deal. Let’s break this down.”

    Buffalo isn’t moving Jack at this time, or anytime in the near future. Having said that, I wouldn’t move Tony unless it’s to the left side, and make room for Nils.

    As for Tony’s politics, who gives a sh*t, he can play the game, and that’s what he is being paid for!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The only way I would give a shite was if it truly had a bad effect on the team — in the locker room and/or on the ice. I see ZERO evidence for that, so yeah … who cares?!

      There are a lot of players with whom I disagree with politically — like Ovechkin, Tim Thomas and from what I understand, Pavel Datsyuk is “way out there”. Now aside of Thomas (we had Hank), who wouldn’t gladly welcome Ovechkin or Datsyuk (in his prime) to the team?

      • More politics? Dude please stop . I get it . You lean left and don’t like Trump or any player or probably person who voted for him. But this is a hockey site. Keep it there.

        • Do you even know how to read when you smell political blood? Dude, I literally stated that I don’t care about his politics. Ugh, you’re a fine example of why this country is descending into a hell from which we may never recover.

  • Lets stick to hockey. Pretend you are on a team and you opponents try to stop your efforts with BS, repeatedly. Like throwing a hockey stick between your legs, as you move on the ice. More than one teammate throws sticks between your legs to help your opponents’ stymie you, repeatedly. Those who are supposed to be neutral throws sticks between your legs to stymie you, repeatedly. Yet, you still score!

  • I will not do it again Zuby trade. ADA is very good young D, who is topping NHL Ds this season and he showed so much jump from last season which was good. If you pointing to prospect(s) we have in the system it’s fine, but do we have examples how they were flat on NHL level? Andersson? Kravy? oldest DZ and more?
    NO, you don’t trade amazing talented young D whose hockey IQ is very high. IMHO he should be kept

  • You can move him if you get a legit 1C, not a 2C. Package him, Howden and Lias and a 2nd rounder. Go get me a Strome replacement who can put the puck in the net.

    • Yep… anyone is trade-able as long as the return makes the team better. ADA is an excellent RHD but he’s no untouchable.

  • This kid is good, young and looks to have more upside to come. Like Dave said it will take a heck of a trade to move the jersey boy.

    Does anyone know how he is liked/unliked in the locker room on this club?


  • I have liked the crazy kid since I first saw him playing for Arizona because he has skills that are hard to find and the vision to use them. He has also improved in his own zone by making the effort to get better, meaning that he is coachable too.

    Dave is correct, you have to give to get. He is also correct that it salary cap considerations might push a deal along too. But, my prejudice is to keep your skilled players if at all possible. So, I’d not favor a deal that includes DeAngelo unless the Rangers were getting someone with comparable skills. That is not going to be easy.

    • Why don’t the Rangers consider taking him off of defense and make him a winger! If you are worried about finding room for, perhaps, better and future D-men (i.g. Nils, K’Andre, Jones, et al.) then you’ll free up a spot to insert the one who competes and excels in camp next season, and deserving a spot on the team.
      …Always was thinking about this…put a better DEFENSE-man on the team, and use Tony’s offensive skills, tenacity, etc. for better use.

      • His defense is just fine if we’re being honest here. Plus he’s the best outlet passer from the back end we’ve had in a very very long time.

    • I would rather 1) buy people out or 2) trade Strome than send DeAngelo packing — as constituted we have the 3 best RD in the League, I wouldn’t swap those 3 for any other team’s set of RD. If he can handle a move to LD I’m all in.

  • Like I said previously, you do not trade a 24 year old right handed dman, who produces 55-70 points, plays with snarl because you might have a young guy who might be able to replace him in a few years.

    Rangers are notorious for trading very good dmen away. Zubov, Mattias Nordstrom, Ryan Graves and Alexi Karpovtsev (RIP).

    Fox is an excellent dman…but it was his rookie season, lets hope he can replicate it again…but why rush trading Tony away.

    If your going to toss his name out there…then provide names we would get in return.

    I do not think the Rangers are unhappy with Tony and his podcasts or his political views…this seems to be grandstanding at best.

    If Tony was a huge Biden supporter…would you band about his name in every conversation and trade bait scenario?

    • I agree, keep Tony if possible. I’d rather have both Fox and Tony and Lindquist, and Trouba and Lindgren on defense, because that has the makings of a formidable defense corps that can score a bunch.

  • I’m not in favor of moving Tony until we see what kind of player someone like Nils is actually like. I think they are ok with DeAngelo as long as there is no NTC or something like that in there.

    The bigger issue to me is that he’ll probably play hardball with the NYR which will most likely be worse than any podcast. They forced him to play for very little last year, and he took that opportunity to put together a great season for himself. So he isn’t going to be very forgiving, IMHO.

    I know he’s restricted. But I think he’s a more valuable player than we think. Right handed d-men who can QB a PP are definitely not easy to come by. The PP was (is) a bright spot for us this year, and he’s a pretty big reason why. But what are the rules… can he sit and try for a QO? If they don’t come to terms, I totally see him doing that.

    I say sign him and move him in about 2 seasons.

    • “The bigger issue to me is that he’ll probably play hardball with the NYR”

      NYR played hard ball with him last season. If Org could give away contract to D like Skjei then ADA is much better choice to get it. IMO he will got 4×4.5ml or bridge deal. We have to pay and keep as few Ds like him and Fox give us Zuby-Leetch kind of.
      When the last time we had luxury like that?

      • This is where the Rangers never get it right….They trade for Trouba and give him the very lucrative deal before ever stepping onto the ice for them. Playing in Winnipeg is one thing…playing in NYC is another.

        History has shown numerous times how the bright lights have ruined guys.

        Tony thrives in it…why should he give a discount when they just paid Trouba 8mm. I like Trouba, he has a lot of traits I like in a dman but he did not play like an 8mm player last year. I did like his game better when paired with Smith after the trade. Let’s hope that is the guy we get when play resumes.

  • This country has become so poisonous politically that some of us are literally basing weather we hate a player strictly based on his politics. I mean isn’t this the USA still? Or , isn’t my old country the USSR where political opinion was stifled. What the hell is wrong with some of you guys? This is a place to escape the aggravation of politics, work, the wife (lol) and other things that annoy you on a daily basis.

    Just stick to hockey damn it!

    • First off I never said I hate Tony D. He can like whoever he wants to. I DO NOT WANT THE RANGERS TO TRADE HIM !!! Yes this is the U.S.A…..where you are allowed to speak your mind….I apologized for bringing politics into this discussion for the last time…If some people are going to get so freaking upset over a comment I made, then I really feel sorry for them…Have you haters ever heard of ANGER MANAGEMENT..LETS GO RANGERS!!!!

  • And for you Rooski…..Welcome to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WHERE WE HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH !!!!!!!

    • Freedom of speech protects you from being arrested. It does not protect you from being ridiculed, called out, or otherwise punished (short of arrest) from private entities.

      Your freedom of speech does not stop me from banning you from this site. It is a privately run site.

      Note above: I am watching the comments on this post and taking names. Keep your shit in check.

    • The right to free speech only involves government regulation (and even then there are limits), it has nothing to do with private entities or privately run sites.

  • I would love to get Eichel… Trouba has not shown much; not great defensively nor offensively. Just a solid D man. Paying too much for him; If you could put him in a package along with Kravtsov(young prospect, Chytil(a 19 yr old C to replace Jack), Georgiev(top talented goalie which Buffalo needs and I know they most likely will draft one but Georgiev is proven to be a starting goalie) and a #1 pick next year. I think this would be the core of a trade to get a player of Eichels caliber. Some of you guys might think it is too much but Eichel will shine playing at MSG, he would fit right in with the Bread man and Mika and Kreider. Trading of Trouba will offset $

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