matthew robertson

It’s been an interesting couple of days in Rangerland, and sorry we haven’t been able to write posts. I moved over the weekend, which itself is a tiring and time consuming activity, then Verizon decided to cancel my install appointment and not tell me. Got that sorted out yesterday, so I’m able to catch up today. Sorry about that folks.

World Junior summer camp rosters are being released, and two Rangers prospects are on the list for their respective countries. Matthew Robertson, who has been looking like a major steal in the second round, is on the preliminary invite list for Team Canada. Meanwhile Hunter Skinner, who was clearly overlooked by many here in the same draft, is on the list for Team USA.

The 2019 draft is shaping up to be a huge win for the Rangers and has the potential to yield more than a couple solid NHLers. It’s still very early, but I am all-in on that draft class. It is worth noting that I know nothing about prospects, I just read tea leaves.