Kaapo Kakko “likely can play” in playoffs

Vince Mercogliano with the scoop from doctors

Vince Mercogliano of LoHud spoke to speak to a pair of doctors regarding Kaapo Kakko’s pre-existing health concerns (type 1 diabetes and celiac disease). The conclusion was that, given the proper precautions, Kakko should be able to play. Of course the Rangers will make the final call.

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise, as the proper precautions are going to be needed regardless of pre-existing conditions. The Rangers will just need to ensure extra care in Kakko’s situation.

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  • There are no EXTRA precautions to be taken. As was stated months ago, if a Type 1 Diabetic is well managed (as he ALWAYS should be ) there’s no additional risk of contracting the virus — and no extra risk of developing complications unless there’s a secondary pre-existing condition …. but yeah, good news.

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