NY Rangers have 5th highest odds to win Stanley Cup for some reason

Per a graphic from SportsLine, the NY Rangers have the fifth highest odds to win the Stanley Cup in this summer’s playoffs.

My own spelling error aside, SportsLine has the Rangers at an 8.4% chance of winning the Cup. That’s a percentage point and a half ahead of the defending Stanley Cup champion St. Louis Blues. It’s also a full seven percentage points ahead of their play-in opponent Carolina Hurricanes.

At first glance it seems rather foolish. However after sleeping on it, I guess I see where they are coming from. The Rangers have three goalies capable of stealing a series or two if they get hot. They also have one of the most potent offenses in the league with a Hart Trophy candidate and the league’s top goals-per-game player this season. Elite goaltending, elite scoring. That’s what gets it done in the playoffs.

I still think the defense, which has a huge hole on the left side, is going to eventually be their downfall in the playoffs. However if a goalie gets hot, and if the scoring doesn’t dry up, then you know what, perhaps this team can make some noise.

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  • Just crazy odds – but – the playoffs are won by hot goalies, superstars and 4 lines of strength. I cannot see us ranked above St. Louis, but I think we can win a series (or two).

  • Agree with your thoughts on this. I also think the teams with the bye in the first round are disadvantaged. They can practice, but after the long break in play these teams may be a little rusty. The teams who get through the first round will hopefully be better prepared. As for the D, I don’t disagree with you. They have been leaky. But the D was playing better heading into the suspension of play. Finally the biggest question to me is, how will the young kids handle the play offs? Will Kakko play? Fox, Lindgren, Chytil, Gauthier ? Will Lemiuex be able to play in Round 1 with the looming suspension? Exciting time that’s for sure. LGR!

  • This team can make some noise, but they should be down around 10-12 which is already a huge accomplishment considering we’re two years out on a pretty drastic rebuild.

  • Well, the Rangers have The Breadman, Mika and CK, Tony D, Trouba and Fox, and Igor and Hank and Georgiev. All they need to do is score more goals than they give up! Clearly they are capable of making some noise if things click.

    Hey, you never know!

    • Peter

      That’s why they play the games, anything can happen. A hot goalie can carry a team, Roy in 93, Murry for the Pens last two cups, and many others. The best team doesn’t always win it all on many occasions!!!!!!!!!

  • Logically it’s ridiculous. Advanced stats give us a 1% chance. But so much going on these days defies logic. So: Let’s win the Cup!

  • An offense that can pile up points, great goalie depth, everybody’s healthy, and they were about the hottest team in the league when play stopped … all positive factors, especially for bettors.

  • It is not three goalies. It is one. Shesterkin hopefully is the finest goalie the Rangers have ever had. Certainly he has already surpassed the Lundqvist of five years ago. With Shesty, Panarin, and a few other quality players combined with a supporting cast that does no real harm and the Rangers can win it.

    The Rangers clearly belong among the top ten favorites – but not above St. Louis. Since the odds reflect betting interest, teams with bigger fan bases get more support.

    • Do you believe in what you’re talking about,i believe Igor to be next tanger goalie,but to said he surpassed the king with only 12 hockey games is just plain stupid

  • I think St. Louis and Vegas are both more complete teams than the Rangers. The Flyers are flawed as well but are likely still better than the Rangers.

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