Rangers place Sean Day on unconditional waivers for contract termination

2016 3rd rounder never hit his ceiling

In some actual hockey news, the Rangers have placed defenseman Sean Day on unconditional waivers for the purpose of terminating his contract. Day, the Rangers’ third round pick in 2016, was one of only a select few that was granted “exceptional” status in the CHL and allowed to play at a younger age.

Day never met his ceiling as an exceptional status player, failing to secure a spot in the AHL with the Hartford Wolf Pack over the past two seasons. He’s been passed by far too many on the depth chart as well.

Hopefully he’s able to pick it up elsewhere.

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  • It’s a shame that this kid never got started on the right foot. He had some family issues that he never overcame, too bad!!!!!!

    • A shame, he had a lot of potential … he deserves another chance with a team that has less prospect depth on D’. Perhaps with increased responsibility and opportunity he can reach SOME of that potential.

  • The kid has talent, he just never put it all together. Some team will pick him up and give him a chance. Could be a late bloomer like Ryan Graves.
    The fact is that the Rangers have more than enough promising D-men coming up through the ranks

    • Unfortunately I do not think that his hockey IQ is very high.

      At this level, talent is not enough. You can get away with just talent coming up the ranks, but not here.

      • That was always my impression as well, but it’s an impression that dates back a few years. Would be interested in hearing a more qualified opinion though from someone that has actually watched him play in a series of games over the course of the last couple of years.

        • Day made it all on talent in the early years. So when everyone caught up to his talent, Day stagnated while everyone else progressed.

          End of story.

  • Phenomenal player when he was 15 — just peaked too soon. He had a year left on his contract, so I wonder why the rush to release him? Is there a flurry of signings coming where they need his slot?

  • After his callup from Maine he was their best D last season, went straight back to Chateau Bow wow this year. They’ve been down on him since he got drafted: whatever the problem is, it’s not the on ice product.

  • I “feel” for any kid whose dream is dying. It’s called empathy, you should try it sometime just to see if you’re not a sociopath.

    • Tanto is no troll, be has been on this site a long time. Everyone has a right to their opinion. It’s every kids dream to play in the best league in hockey. They grew up in the hockey rink and them and their family made a huge commitment to the game. So it’s a disappointment to young players who don’t make the cut.

    • Don’t think tanto is a troll but I do think most of his life is behind him not in front of him so he empathizes with Sean Day whose hockey career is behind him rather than in front of him. He could try out with another team but unless it is the Senators or another crap team, he will be cut again.

  • I may be wrong about this, but I believe that the Rangers cannot just terminate his contract without his consent. I believe the Rangers are obligated to pay him his salary next year unless he is effectively fired for cause – like refusing an assignment or not practicing.

    What this means, if true, is that if Sean Day wants to continue his hockey career and knows he will never make the NHL, he should remain a Ranger to get more money. OTOH, if he wants a fresh start or to stop playing, he should be happy to cut his Ranger ties.

  • Hey, the Rangers took a shot. 3rd round pick, looking for a gem in the rough. Nothing wrong with that.

  • It is really time to FIRE!! ALL scouts..and bring in the new.. they are horrible at picking and giving information on players.. This really bad wasting top picks.. every year its the same thing these guys go out a do absolutely NOTHING to support this team..


    • And to think that we could have had Carlson and Kuznetsov in their respective drafts, though I would have taken Tarasenko over Kuz.

      • The Rangers have certainly given enough reason for complaining about their drafting.

        But the Day selection was a “shoot for the moon” pick with a 3rd round pick. I didn’t have a problem with it at the time and no problem with it even now.

        Don’t forget that at a very young age, Day was in the “elite” status, a status that very few players attained at the same age. It was worth a shot. Just didn’t work out.

        Now, if you want to complain about taking a goalie in the 2nd round with first round potential forwards still on the board at the time or Lias with the 7th overall pick, then I’m with you, lol.

  • They couldn’t attempt to trade him in order to at the very least get back a late round pick for him. I mean they did waste a 3rd round pick on him if they plan to just terminate his contract.
    I thought the Rangers were at around 45 of 50 contracts allowed on the pro contract list. Does Gorton plan to sign a few undrafted FA’s that gets needed the space? Seems like such a waste to just kick Day aside. What do I know. I have faith in Gorton. This move is just curious to me.

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