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NHL’s Phase 3 for relaunch won’t begin until July

July 10th is the earliest camp can begin

The NHL’s plan to restart the season is going public, but the information is coming long before the players will actually hit the ice.

The NHL won’t begin their “camp” until July 10. Based on the full details of Phase 2, we can assume the actual playoffs won’t begin until August 1. We’d be looking at the qualifying, first, and second rounds taking all of August, and then the Conference and Stanley Cup Finals taking all of September.

Offseason activities would last through October and November, with camp beginning again in December. And low and behold, my prediction that the Winter Classic kicks off the season holds true.

Naturally all of this is subject to change. Anything can happen between now and July 10.

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  • When are they gonna run next season and seasons after that? Are seasons gonna start in December from now on?

  • So many questions, so few answers. I have to believe the league is looking ahead to how to handle the 20-21 season, but pushing it to later gives the world more time to develop a vaccine and get back to fans at the game.

  • I would like to think of myself as a huge hockey fan/dad but the fact games will be starting in August, subsequently pushing back the next season (no Hockey Oct-Dec), I honestly think they need to cancel the rest of this season. I just think there are far too many risks that could lead to another mess for 20-21 season where focusing on that start is far more important to its future. Then again MLB players and owners aren’t going to help in providing sports fans anything to watch the rest of this summer. Uggh!

  • This just keeps getting dumber by the week. At this rate, next season won’t start till January. At that point they will be many teams to have only played a handful of games or none at for almost a year. This is total insanity. The German soccer league restarted their season within 3 weeks. It the NHL can’t do the same in a month than they shouldn’t bother and just call it a day. What they are doing is clown show stuff and crews with the integrity of the game and the league.

    Shut it down!!

  • I’d much rather that they tank this season and try to start the 2020-2021 season more or less on time. Messing with 2020-2021 just to get an inadequate replacement for the usual playoffs in for the current one doesn’t seem to make too much sense.

  • To take a contrary view of all this, they should “plan” to play but shorten the time between the SC Final and the start of next season, plus training camp should be no more than 10-14 days come July. They should also look at shortening the following training camp for next season by a week, eliminating the “bye” week, possibly eliminating the All-Star game and dropping 2 weeks from the off season. That can be a template every year till they get onto a normal schedule. Or they could (GASP!) shorten next season to circa 70 games — it’s not like they’ve played 82 games every season in the last say 20 years. 😉

    • I’m suggesting this because 1) 7 teams won’t even play this season, and 2) the players have had plenty of time off and most will only play 10-15 games. I doubt fatigue will be a big factor next season.

    • With no or few fans in the stands, money comes from television – and the big money really comes from the playoffs – so I think they will be happy enough to play a 48 game season in 2020-2021.

      • True … money talks. I guess that why I made the crack re: “it’s not like they’ve played 82 games every season in the last say 20 years”. The 2 lockouts proved that. I still though think they can gain some time back by just shortening some of the superfluous areas of the schedule. A lot of players complain about the length of training camp — and most players take 2 weeks off and then get right back to training, so maybe they won’t be in proper game shape come July 10, but they won’t need anything approaching 4 weeks.

    • Just because you and Tonto can’t fully comprehend how some simple tweaks can compress the schedule doesn’t make them complicated and/or unsafe.

  • So they have put themselves in a position where every Hockey fan NOW realizes that with a July 10th date …..If there is ANY OTHER DELAY right before July 10th …….GONNA HAVE TO CANCEL !!!!!…… Can not start anything later than that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • As much as I would love to have hockey back, IDK, it just does not feel right to me right now.

    Maybe it’s the time of the year, maybe it’s with everything going on, maybe it’s because this year has totally sucked, for many reasons, …

    I feel, like many people, drained and somewhat downtrodden (I won’t say “depressed”) with what has transpired in 2020.

    We will get through this, but this restart with the NHL, almost seems “forced.” I’m neutral on it. I will watch but I’m not giddy over the possibility either.

    Very sad times we live in now. I keep thinking about all the children that may not have meals now, because of no school. My wife and I have donated to our local community, but it is a drop in the bucket vs. the reality of the situation.

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