2020 NHL Draft Lottery information leaks, and it’s unnecessarily complicated

Leave it to the NHL to make a simple process unnecessarily convoluted. The draft lottery, which is usually comprised of the 15 teams that do not make the playoffs, was an item of discussion since the league released its 24 team playoff format. Giffer extraordinaire @FitzGSN_ was the first to get his hands on the leak, which has been made official.

The league is going to hold two draft lotteries, which is again complicated. The first draft will be to determine half the draft order, so the bottom seven teams that do not make the play-in rounds will know where they draft. The rest of the order will be filled in by the other eight teams that lose in the play-in round of the playoffs. There will be a separate draft lottery to determine which teams get those eight spots that have already been set.

What this means is that an “unassigned” team can win the first overall pick, but we won’t know which team gets that pick until the second lottery. Seems silly.

The simple way was to hold one draft lottery that was all-encompassing of these two lotteries. Simply wait until the bottom-15 were identified and do it once. But TV revenue and whatnot I guess.

If the New York Rangers lose to the Carolina Hurricanes in the play-in round, then they will be in a lottery for the unassigned spots, the order to be determined by points-percentage. If they beat Carolina, they will be in the playoffs and will not be participants in the lottery.

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    • Oh “Tanto”
      Didn’t the article above just mention that if we win the play-in round against Carolina, we would not participate in the lottery? Seems pretty clear to me.

      • It’s “tanto”, in case you missed it — again, we would participate if both Carolina and TO lose in the play-in round. If only Carolina loses, then we won’t. What is unclear about that statement?

        • Tanto, tanto, tampex, whatever…..
          Put your glasses on and read the article above. Unless I am mistaken – which I am not, it says if we beat Carolina we do not participate in the lottery. It’s the last sentence old man! engage your brain please and stop making stuff up

          • We own one of Carolina’s 2 picks; Theirs or Toronto’s. If we beat Carolina and Toronto losses to Columbus, they’re both in the lottery. And by default so are we since we will get one of those picks. If they both end up in the top 10, we end up on the top ten. A lot of if’s …but it could happen

          • I’m not in the mood to suffer fools, at least not during the quarantine. 😉 We own one of Carolina’s two 1st round picks — the worst one. So we need TO to lose as well as Carolina that way they are both lottery picks. Since we get the worst one, we are participating. Is that really hard to understand?

          • See now tanto why didn’t you explain it that way in the first place instead of assuming that everyone knows what you are talking about? Some of us are still working and therefore do not spend our whole lives glued to every change in the continuously evolving process of this year’s draft. Thank you sir!

          • I know since I still work, but work shouldn’t excuse a true Ranger fan from knowing we traded Brady Skjei to Carolina (well before the lock down) for the worst of their two 1st round picks — in fact you wouldn’t even have to know it specifically because Dave made it clear that beating Carolina would kick us out of the lottery, by implication that would mean we weren’t getting Carolina’s pick since if they lost, then their own pick would be a lottery pick. Simple logical thinking there, Kemosabe.

    • The good news it may not be either or. A play off series combined with Columbus beating Toronto could net us both.

  • I really don’t understand how a team that is not part of the 7 teams who season is over can come in nd have a potential to get a #1 pick thats ridiculous they should do lottery for the 7 teams first then let them finish the lottery after the 7 teams know there spots those 7 teams aren’t there in the playoffs or what ever u want to call it is because they were not good enough so they need the help nd should have r hd best picks possible. Point period mother f****** blank ……….. let’s go 😈 Devils#1

  • Please try not to engage with the trolls. You may want to look for the cup icon next to their name prior to replying to them.

  • Hey Dave I was wondering . Could do a piece on what you think our line up will be as far as 1st and 2nd and 3rd lines and such and defensive pairings ?

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