Another Rangers Jeopardy for COVID-19 charity coming your way

For those who missed out on the first Rangers Jeopardy for COVID-19 charity, Brandon Cohen is running another round of it. Brandon was the prior editor of Blue Line Station and has done some guest spots here, and this is a great idea to raise money for our health care workers.

If you want to participate, DM Brandon on Twitter. The first go-round was very successful, raising $775 for COVID-19 charities, spread out across a few, with our own Coach Conall winning and choosing one of the charities.

There were a few people here interested in matching donations made – here is the donation information. If you have any questions, reach out to Brandon on Twitter, or email me and I can put you in touch with him via other mediums.

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  • On a side note: Man I never been a fan of giving away $$ when athletes and Hollywood stars ask us too. Every current NHL player from fringe RFA’s to 30+ yr old elites should donate $300-800. See what happens…

    People on here like Far Crust can talk about doing justice by staying home. It won’t mean a thing until we put real $$ into protecting the children-future from sex trafficking. When school’s in session, these mofo’s are parked at a distance protected by all the amendments. Kids waking up in cages as we speak or getting tossed away like a chickens that lost in a cock fight. My anger will never reach a point to hate on anything else until we solve that and world hunger. No animal cruelty or plandemic with a death rate less than half the normal flue season will get me to open my wallet. I won’t be a enabler for a freaking 100 million+ establishments (hospitals). It’s scary to know that the average Joe who goes in there to steal toilet paper, mask and gloves had a hand tanking those places resources. I suggest instead that you all go to your local shelter/public schools and help out there on a 3-4 monthly basis. Food, toys, electronics, school supplies, jackets etc does wonders for them.

    Local shelters are the places to go help every year. I swear I have kids down there right now who were born in the late 2000s rocking the Dreamcast with 20+ games and Ps4 with a few games. You can really deck out what the unfortunate go through by hooking up the local community centers. The kids didn’t like my hockey gear lol but they sure love my lacrosse stuff. Dollar store toys are still pretty cool for the young ones. If you have collection’s of Hess, just toss it in the box. Salad/fruit trays, bleh quality meats, variety of goodies, it isn’t that hard to chip in.

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