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NHL salary cap may remain flat next season

As more and more talk about the NHL season resuming surfaces, there have been discussions about next season as well. Whenever a decision about this season is made, it will have an impact on next season, even if that decision is to cancel the remainder of this season.

The biggest impact for next season, aside from start date, is the salary cap. Initially projected to be anywhere between $84 million and $88 million, the suspended season has thrown a monkey wrench into those plans. There are rumblings that the league may even keep the salary cap ceiling of $81.5 million flat for the upcoming season, which is a kidney punch for a lot of teams.

For the Rangers, it means some of their difficult decisions which they may have been able to punt to next season are now coming straight at them. At the forefront will be the contracts of Tony DeAngelo and Ryan Strome. The Rangers probably opened up the space for DeAngelo by trading Brady Skjei, but if the Strome contract estimates are accurate –and they usually are– then the Blueshirts have a compounded issue on their hands.

As it stands, the Rangers will have about $14.5 million in cap space for next season if the ceiling is at $81.5 million. Strome and DeAngelo remain their most expensive RFAs, but Alex Georgiev and Brendan Lemieux are also RFAs (and Phil Di Giuseppe). All of them are arbitration eligible either, so they actually have some negotiating power. Plus Jesper Fast is a UFA.

If the cap does remain static, then the Rangers likely can’t afford to keep everyone. Heck, they probably couldn’t keep everyone even if the cap went up. This just compounds issues.

There are rumblings of compliance buyout(s) to help teams through the cap concerns. Although that is a story for another time.

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  • It’s just my opinion but I don’t think the Rangers could afford to keep Strome beyond this season with the Cap increases. To take a page from theBill Belichek playbook, better trade a player a year or 2 too early than a year or 2 too late.
    Strome was a great grab but he’s not a home grown Ranger so as good as he’s been, I don’t think they planed to keep him beyond this current contract he’s playing under. Better to trade him at the draft for young assets or draft picks.

      • It’s really hard to gauge what Strome might fetch in a trade right now (like Andersson I would use him as a big sweetner in a trade) … if I’m JG I would rather sign Fast than Strome tbh. I know that’s an unpopular position but I think Fast will cost much less, will sign short term (2-3 years) and his intangibles are greater. I will never negatively judge Fast based on his usage, that’s on the coaches.

  • Keeping ADA is the priority right now. If it means cutting bait on any other Ranger FAs and/or RFAs, then so be it.

  • I don’t believe compliance buyouts are for another day. I believe they go hand in hand with the salary cap. Obviously, times are unprecedented, I believe they will relieve teams of the burdens of bad contracts if they keep the cap the same or lower. Thus, say good-bye to Henrik and Staal, them two contract are the ones that give the Rangers the most flexibility to keep whoever they want. They will be the “other” victims of COVID-19.

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    • Well yes.. this is probably correct scenario given the salaries and the future needs. I don’t believe it will happen. The team does not seem too down on 18. Veteran presence and all that.. they never seem to look deeply at advanced stats or rather, they look selectively at them. Perhaps Hank and Smith or one of them alone will be compliance buyouts.

  • Trouba’s contract is already looking terrible. Lazy stick which makes him a subpar defender in the DZ. He already has trouble at clearing the zone. Stuff like banking it off the glass is a challenge for him. He is way to aggressive in the other two zones when he’s already a bad skater. He can carry the puck out 1/2 the time but once he hits the blueline, his awareness and hands drop into a fringe 7th D man. His offense won’t be up there on a team like this with poor depth.

    Yeah it would be foolish to leave ADA in the cold. The dude plays like a prime Dan Boyle. They already let a Michal Handzus type of go to Philly. I would hate to see what Tony could do on a rival team like NJ.

  • Next year will need to be a year of adjustments for the entire league. The Cap, UFA’s and RFA’s will all be issues. The owners and the Players Assoc. need to come to grips with how to handle ~$500M of lost revenue. Lots of changes coming

  • The estimates for Strome are outdated. The effect of a salary cap freeze is to hold down salaries. And the people who are affected are those players on the table this year. Arbitrators are going to be tougher on those players who go to arbitration.

    Perhaps a wise option for many players like ADA and Strome is a one year deal to get back on the market quickly after the smoke clears.

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